• November 29 Saturday 14:00-18:00 and November 30 Sunday 13:00-17:00 Carlie Morrissey Contact Dance workshop (Brighton, England) AnaMorphic space OT301 Amsterdam. register: katie@katieduck.com
  • December 1 Monday Match Bim Huis Amsterdam Music: Nina Hitz - cello, Noortje Kohne - viola, Bence Huszár - Cello, Anna Mikhailova - Koto Performance/dance: Katie Duck, Miri Lee, Manuela Tessi, Charlie Morrissey , (second set only) Lester Arias. Click the photo to learn more information about the artists and the venue
  • Xmas workshop OT301 Amsterdam AnaMorphic studio (top of the building)December 27, 28 2014 Saturday and Sunday 13:00-17:00 2014 register: katie@katieduck.com
  • January to February 2015 Katie Duck workshops and workshops towards performances in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore India. Click the photo to find out how to register for each venue.
  • On-Going / Thursday sessions held at the OT301 Amsterdam 16:45 to 18:45. Not held every Thursday. Sessions are held in and around Katie's touring schedule. To find dates for Thursday sessions click the photo or email Katie join to the Thursday session list: katie@katieduck.com
  • Workshops by Katie Duck. Click the photo to find more information.
  • Performances Katie Duck. Click the picture to find more information.

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