Ellen Knops

Started in 1989 in the musiclighting but changed quikly to theatre and modern dance.
In 1994 Katie Duck asked her to do the lights for her improvisation performance. All she said was “surprise me”, so she did did and continued doing.Since then they have been working together.Among other projects in Magpie Music and Dance Compagny, where there is an instant interaction between the disciplines dance ,light and music.

In the past years Ellen worked with many performers, such as David Zambrano,Micheal Schumacher,Gonny Heggen,Nederlands danstheater 3, Katie Duck, Lily Kiara , Makiko Ito en Arno Schuitemaker

In the work with Lily Kiara, in their almost organically growing collaboration, there is a very close interaction between lights and dance. They continue to develop their findings and always look for possibilities to strech their ideas a little further.

Ellen has been teaching workshops at the School for New Dance Development en Amsterdam, to share her vision that light can be played with as an autonomous element; light as movement, rather than a static aspect of the performance. Light can change the sense of space, time and atmosphere. In 2010 she received the “Jiri Kylian Ring” for her contribution to the dutch dance world.

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