Poems, Stories and Text

Poems, Stories and Text for solos and music collaborations


Betrayal – 1998 for a violin player- actress and a dancer a play Characters: VT: Violin Teacher S: Student JS: JS Bach Anna: Anna Madeleine Bach VT- You feel alright? S- Perfectly fine. JS- I wonder if I know her ( JS Bach toward the student to Anna. Anna is not in the space.) S- […]

Bird Story

Bird Story -duet with a musician – 2001 The man got up that morning and decided to pack his bag. He had not planned a trip, he had not planned a journey. He put in his bag everything he owned with no idea of what he would need. Random nick-naks, pots he liked, sea shells […]

Happy motion

Happy motion (a rap piece) – duet with musician 2004 She needs to help it out Partners pen to paper fly Doctor looks and winks an eye Come close, she says, and hold me here The pen is sliding now so clear Why do thoughts hold tight inside Take a bite, eat my thigh and […]


Hero – 2000-1  collaboration with visual artist – Onno You, you are my hero! The main character in every story, film or play. Immortalized forever in every single word we say. For your acts of courage and noble qualities. We have a since of continuation and linear history. It’s always there in the back of […]


Law – text used for the piece Law in 1992-3  – a peice for dancers and one musician God, God, clear in it’s divide of good and evil, man and woman, brown rice and angel delight. It is vain to say that any man or woman alive has any true since of happiness. By voicing […]

Love Poems

Love Poems, SOLO 1999-2000 Hard Love Hard blow to the belly, strong tug at the heart. Seems fine to fall again and again and again back. Go to it get it again and again and again back Wish I had a habit to heal it, to kill it, numb it, make it go away Makes […]

Storm Pagosa ...

Storm – solo material 2000 Everyone hears a dog bark, a baby cry, a machine starting up in the distance. This storm, this hard storm, this place full of lightning crashes to silence What can the power so tempting be To take the heart away from me? With tied ropes around the vessels dragged The […]


Story 1994 – a piece with musicians The tree was swinging, swinging. I was just singing, singing. My love. I love you. I looked up and saw the castle. It was big with a river around it. I walked and walked, until I got to the castle. I screamed on the top of the tower […]

The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment – 1996 a piece with dancers and musicians Argue, scream noisy action Coded violent real reaction Truthful soaring animal anger Scornful, blissful actual danger Living, breathing sensual speaking Lying cheating telephone sneaking Hiding, fearing hurt exposure Live with that and keep composure Yell, leave make them cry Thickening fog, stupid lies Hit […]

Time keeping it in

Time keeping it in – SOLO -  Intimate me  – 2003 Soft peddles of words no touch Soft green, wet, sweet brow so much A bird on an egg flies Sits cosy and still lies Sits till it cracks Hear the roar on the backs Baby bird talks gabby glad All the world around is […]

Truth and Lies

Text from “Truth and Lies”, SOLO 1994 The Margaret Story How are you? OH, I’m fine. What have you been up to? Not much? I heard that your relationship fell apart. Yeah well there never was much hope to it. But I did have a good time. It must have been strange to be with […]

Wanna hold the heart and wait

Wanna hold the heart and wait – 1997 solo Wanna hold the heart and wait Wanna wait but not be late Wanna have a love inside the soul But can not find the way to hold On to you or on to me The heart is full but the soul is free I wish I […]