Contact Quarterly 2000

Contact Quarterly 2000 Improvisation Festival Amsterdam 1994-99 By KATIE DUCK This article is about The Improvisation Festival that took place in Amsterdam, Holland from 1994 to 1999. By participating in the performances of this festival and by way of my position as initiator, I had the opportunity to question my artistic direction and I hope […]

Something in the way she moves / Politics of Presence in the Performance Act by Sharon Smith

Something in the way she moves / Politics of Presence in the Performance Act by Sharon Smith Abstract / Contents / Introduction / Statement of objectives / Methodological approach I have written this thesis out of a practice-based research in the context of contemporary performance studies in the UK.  My research has been to construct […]

a manifesto

Interview for Amsterdam Manifesto by dance artists Also published in Proximity / Australia Is choreography dance? No. Choreography’s are cues set in time frames. Is choreography an art form? No. Dance is an art form. Choreography is a simple tool being made even simpler by technology and communication in the 21rst century. Choreography is […]


Contra Dance Composition (Translation from French) By KATIE DUCK I am an experimental dance artist and so I experience composing as articulations within one continual research. My research is motivated by culture shock, a curiosity to understand the nature of the body and an addiction to communicate to a gathered crowd. I have managed to […]

Dartington Time

Dartington Time Duck’s career illustrates a valuable corrective to those narratives of British modern dance during and after the 1960s that focus exclusively on the American connection. Dr Larraine Nicholas Senior Lecturer Dance Programmes School of Arts Roehampton University / From her Book (dance history at Dartington College of Arts) Katie Duck: A European Theatrical […]

Improvisation Festival Amsterdam

Improvisation Festival Amsterdam 1994-99 By ROBERT STEIJN The first year’s event combined musicians Katie knew from the Amsterdam scene with dancers from the European improvisation arena. The absurd and highly theatrical aesthetics of the musicians Dominated the total atmosphere. It involved a lot of acting and comic texts. Sat/Sun 26-27 November 1994 Dance: Katie Duck, […]

The dance company that could

The dance company that could Now into their second decade, the motion of Magpie may never stop. by Mark Wedin As the bass player’s frantic fingers finally began to slow down, the dancers, one by one, spontaneously flung themselves to the floor, making a diagonal line. The high-pitched drones of the analogue synth somewhat softened […]

To dance academies - Junior Senior teaching project / To Improivsation Festivals - What is the point at this point

Junior – senior teaching project – Katie Duck In 2006-7 Katie Duck was asked to conduct a course for junior teachers within the AHKhoogeSchool voor de Kunsten within the department of choreography SNDD (School for New dance development) in the Netherlands. This project was initiated by Gabriel Smeets (head of the SNDD) and funded by […]

Why Magpie speaks a different language

Why Magpie speaks a different language by Sharon Smith Magpie is interdisciplinary. Magpie is not building pieces that employ different media. Magpie performances become an arena where different media are playing with each other, are in dialogue with each other. If the spectator has come to watch ‘dance’ and then focuses on a body dancing, […]