Welcome to the Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam 2016

Mary Oliver Katie Duck and Vincent Cacalano

Staff 2017  (Go to this link)

Teachers 2017:

Katie Duck  music theater workshop leader, tutorials

Manuela Tessi movement classes, music/dance workshop leader, scheduling rehearsal spaces and Freakatoni events

Mir Lee movement classes,  Imprography workshop leader, tutorials, over looking Freakatoni events

Mary Oliver music/dance workshop leader, tutorial music

Melvin Fraenk one day improvisation/hip hop workshop

Noortje Kohne two days Alexander technique workshop, Alexander lessons through out the course period.

Tashi Iwaoka one day improvisation workshop

Vilbjorg Broch one day vocal and sound workshop.

Kenzo Kusuda one day improvisation workshop.

Ellen Knops Light workshop leader, light designer for the finale weekend Freakatoni events.

The list of local guest musicians for Katie’s workshop updated by May 2017. Musician list improvisation summer course 2017

Regulations and information about the the course and the OT301 building:

The Improvisation summer course has many layers with workshops, joint improvisation sessions, classes, Alexander teacher, rehearsal space, guest workshops, guest musicians and performances. Please be sure to read this paper carefully so you know how to navigate your direction on the summer course.

People who are attending the summer course for the full four weeks, please arrive at 12:00 on July 24

People who are attending the summer course for one, two or three weeks, please arrive no later than 13:00 (lunch break) on the first monday of your arrival so Miri can give you an orientation of the spaces.

If you cannot arrive in time, please go to Miri by email (redmoon0121@hotmail.com) and let her know at what time you do plan to arrive.


Music Theater workshop , Music Dance workshop, Freakatoni Witchy Weekends: either Bodlabot Studio or Studio 1 main space

Rehearsals: either Bodlabot Studio or Studio 1 main space

Movement classes Bodlabot Studio first floor

Intensive workshops either Bodlabot Studio or Studio 1 main space

Alexander sessions: Anyone on the course for one, two or three weeks can make an appointment with Noortje when you see her at the summer course or on her email (noortje@forwardandup.nl). Her one to one lessons are 30 minutes / €20

Go to this link to learn more about the Alexander technique. / Alexander Noortje Kohne

Tutorials: Katie is available for tutorials on the Friday evenings after her workshop and Tuesday and Thursday during lunch breaks. Tutorials are 45 minutes. You can make an appointment with her when you see her at the summer course.

Studio bookings: Studio 1 and Studio Bodlabot are available for rehearsals in the mornings, evenings and week ends when the workshops are not taking place.

You book your studio space with Manuela Tessi on email (lunamatisse@yahoo.it) or in the lunch period (13:00-14:00) on Monday and Tuesdays each week. The schedule for studio bookings for each week will be placed on the board in the space weekly by Wednesdays.

You can set your rehearsal schedule in advance If you are on the course for four weeks, three weeks or two weeks with Manuela.

The weekly updated studio rehearsal schedule can be found here / Schedules for Rehearsals

Freakatoni witchy weekends:

These events provide a situation for the artists to use their real time art practice in the presence of public performance. Freakatoni Witchy Weekends take place in the main space Studio 1 every Friday and Saturday, 20:00-22:00 through out the summer course with one matinee performance on the final Sunday 15:00-19:00. Freakatoni Witchy Weekends are two 30 to 40 minute sets with a break, allowing for 10 to 15 minutes for each pieces. Pieces can be ensembles or solos by musicians, dancers, performers, vocalists or a mix. For the first three weekends, the performances are casual without the use of the lighting equipment. In the final weekend the evenings and matinee will be placed in a festival format. There is a run through of the festival, with real time light designer Ellen Knops on August 17, 18:00-22:00.

You book your Freakatoni event with Manuela Tessi (lunamatisse@yahoo.it) or in the lunch period (13:00-14:00) on Monday and Tuesdays each week. The schedule for the studio bookings will be placed on the board in the kitchen area weekly by Wednesday each week.If you are on the course for four weeks, three weeks or two weeks you can do an advanced booking with Manuela for your Freakatoni event.

By Wednesday we will need all events booked for the upcoming weekend so promotion can begin. We ask everyone to please use your social network to help promote the weekly Freakatoni events. Please email to Katie (katie@katieduck.com) your link (website or facebook) to place on your name for promoting Freakatoni events. You can go to the weekly updated list of Freakatoni Witchy Weekends here / Freakatoni Witchy Weekends 2016

Video: All Freaktoni Witchy Weekend events are recorded by Kagi Park. He will place this material on line so that you can access your event  the following week. We encourage that you look at your work and create discussions with your colleagues.. The videos will stay on line as part of our archive for the Improvisation summer course. If you do not wish to have your event on line please let Katie know and she will take it down for you.

Musicians: Katie has invited guest musicians who will join the music theater workshop sessions with the dancer/performers and musicians 16:30 -18:30 sessions. These musicians will play in the sessions and lead the feedback. These are local artist who have a special interest in improvisation music and performance. Go to this link to find the list containing dates and names of guest musicians. / Guest musicians summer course 2016

Keys: there is one set of keys for Studio 1, and one for Bodlabot. Keys need to be passed to who ever is in the studio last so that they can lock the studio door. The front door to the building needs to be closed during workshops. It will be useful to exchange phone numbers when you arrive to coordinate this. Miri and Manuela will share a set of keys to open the studio for the morning movement classes. If anyone wishes to use the studio before the movement classes you need to work this out with Miri and Manuela.

Instruments: Instruments can be stored in the Studio 1 main space at the end of the day. The studio is secured daily so that your instruments are safe.

Belongings (clothes etc): You can store your clothes or belongings in the Studio 1 or 2 in the designated areas.

Kitchen area: The Studio 2 (adjacent to Studio 1 main space) has a small kitchen/bar area with a kettle, coffee maker, small fridge, cups and cutlery. You can store food in the fridge and kitchen area but please be aware that the fridge is small. We run out of room very quickly. The summer course supplies coffee, tea, milk, biscuits and fruit daily for the break periods.

In the break we suggest that you go to the garden or the Studio 2 kitchen/bar area to drink your coffee etc. The OT301 is situated in an area that has plenty of cafe’s and shops for food. The Vondelpark is at 5 minutes walk. To avoid disturbances to the neighbours, we can only be in the courtyard up till 22:00, then we need to pass silently when going out of the building.

Studio: Please do not bring food or drinks into the studio space. You can bring water in bottles.

Shoes: the floor of Studio 1 is cement, so you may want to work with shoes. Please keep in mind that other people might work with bare feet, so please work with clean shoes. The Bodlabot studio has a new dance wooden floor. No shoes are allowed in the Bodlabot studio, not even dance shoes.

Toilets: there are toilets next and below Studio 1 and 2 and close to Bodlabot on first floor. These are shared toilets with the rest of the living and public spaces in the building. We keep this supplied with cleanliness. Please let Katie, Manuela or Miri know if you have any issues with the toilet area.

Garden: In the courtyard of OT301 there is a small garden area. This garden area is shared by all of the artist working or residing in the building. Please keep your voice at a reasonable level and be gracious over-all with the the artists residing in the building.

The garden area is where the break for the Freakatoni witchy weekends, mostly take place. You can bring your own wine, beer etc to the event. After you have been in the garden either on break in the workshop or Freakatoni events, please bring all plates, glasses, cups, cutlery back to the Studio 2 kitchen/bar area. On Freaktoni evenings, we have a time limit (22:00 hrs) as to how long we can be in the garden area without disturbing the neighbours. There are plenty of bars in the area and the Vondelpark is around the corner so we could easily move the gatherings to another place.

Sound: in the Bodlabot studio windows need to be closed at any time when playing live music. After 21:00 best is to keep music soft to not disturb the neighbours. We will arrange so that the rehearsals with loud live music can take place in Studio 1. Studio 1 is provided with a professional sound system. We have a sound engineer coming at times to set it up. Please do not touch the sound system unless the sound engineer, Manuela, Katie or Miri are in the building. Bodlabot studio has a simple speaker set where you can plug in your Ipod etc..

Rain: It can rain in Amsterdam at any given moment. When you arrive and you have wet shoes or coats, please leave these on the chairs in the Studio 2, the kitchen/bar area. There will be a coat rack and chairs to place those. Do not bring wet shoes and coats into the Studio 1 working area.

Cleaning: We appreciate placing your cups, plates, glasses and cutlery in the sink in the kitchen space. The sink will become full so please take the time to wash your dishes and place on the counter to dry. The trash is emptied by our team Manuela, Katie, Miri, and…If you see that the trash or bottle container is over flowing, please let one of us know and we will attend to this.

House keeper / TBA

Receipts: Your receipt was emailed (attached) to you. If you need to have Katie’s signature on your receipt please print it out and bring it with you to the summer course and she will sign it for you.

Numbers: (0031): Katie: 06 46251438 / Manuela 0615322913 / Miri  0624226886

Internet: Internet in OT301

OT301-use this Passwords KECESOAA

Internet is present in all the building however that might be inconsistent at times.

Links to videos Freakatoni events updated weekly:

Background information on the OT301 building

The OT301/EHBK is a big adventurous project that started in 1999 when a group of artists.squatted the building. They squatted the building to create a new platform where artists could live and work together and could work on a public programming that offers a stage to ‘experimental’, ‘new’, ‘alternative’ art, music, film, dance, theater, workshops and other sorts of performances and shows we choose to put on.
Everything the artists collective does is based on the fact that they are a creative non-profit organization. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need money to pay bills but it means that nobody in the building is making a lot of money and most of the income is used to maintain and develop the building and organization.

Within the building/organization we have 24 members and all together we share the responsibilty to maintain and secure everything that happens in our building. OT301 is not just a place where people rent an office or studio, everybody is expected to contribute to the group because otherwise it can not exist.
Besides sharing the responsibility for the building and protecting its vision everybody is working on his/her own projects within the building.

Some project examples existing in the building: (not during the period of the summer course)

01) Studios (concerts, theater, performance, dance, markets, workshops etc) 

02) Gallery (for art projects)

03) Cinema (for a great film programming)

04) Peper (vegan organic culture kitchen) 

05) Bodlabot and Anamorphic Studio (for rehearsals, workshops, training of body and mind)

06) Sound studios (rehearsal spaces for bands, producers, sound artists)

07) Tennis club bookstore (small independent book store)

08) Various studios for artists (painters, photographers, costume designers etc)

09) Workshops (break dance, trapeze, shiatsu etc)

10) Ventilatieruimte (for organizing workshops, lectures, brainstorms etc)

11) Go Green