Welcome to the Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam 2016

Mary Oliver Katie Duck and Vincent Cacalano


Staff 2018  (Go to this link)

Teachers 2017:

Katie Duck  music theater workshop leader, tutorials

Manuela Tessi movement classes, music/dance workshop leader, scheduling rehearsal spaces and Freakatoni events

Mir Lee movement classes,  Imprography workshop leader, tutorials, over looking Freakatoni events

Noortje Kohne two days Alexander technique workshop, Alexander lessons through out the course period.

Vilbjorg Broch one day vocal and sound workshop.

Kenzo Kusuda one day improvisation workshop.

Maria Mavridou 

Ellen Knops Light workshop leader, light designer for the finale weekend Freakatoni events.

The list of local guest musicians for Katie’s workshop:  Musician list improvisation summer course 2017

The Improvisation summer course has many layers with workshops, joint improvisation sessions, classes, Alexander teacher, rehearsal space, guest workshops, guest musicians and performances. Please be sure to read this paper carefully so you know how to navigate your direction on the summer course.

This is a welcome letter for your time playing with us in Amsterdam.

I recommend that you save this email so that you have all of the links you will need handy for the summer course. All of this links are placed on the main page.




I hope you have found housing. if not keep checking here:


I am adding sublets when ever one comes in.

If you have found your housing please do let me know so I can take that option off the page. Thank you.

Arriving to OT301

-I have attached on this email the rules for the OT301 space. This paper will be posted on a board in the bar area of the OT301.

-Miri and Manuela will take you through the OT301 building and this paper will be posted in the bar are.

-If you are arriving July 24, please arrive at 10:30 to get to know the building and meet with Katie, Miri and Manuela.

-If you are in the course for four weeks, please come at 10:30 and then at 12:30 you meet with Katie, Miri and Manuela.

-If you arrive weeks 2, 3 or 4 please meet with Manuela or Miri on the Monday you arrive at 12:30 to orientate into the building.

Freakatoni Witchy Weekends:

Performances take place in the main space Studio 1 every Friday and Saturday, 20:00-22:00 with one matinee performance on the final Sunday 15:00-19:00.

Doors open by 19:30 and there is a €5 charge at the door for anyone who is not on the theater music or music dance workshops.

First three weeks Friday and Saturday 20:00-22:00

10 to 15 minutes pieces in two 30 to 40 minute sets with a break.

Access to the bar or studio 1 spaces to create events, access to the sound system, no access to the light board, however there are several lighting options to play with outside the board.

-It is possible to have in the break and as a third set, music ensembles in the bar area.

Week four Friday and Saturday 20:00-22:00. Sunday 15:00-17:00

15 to 20 minute pieces in two 40 minute sets.

-It is possible to have in the break and as a third set, music ensembles in the bar area.

-Invite to a local artist who will MC the event.

-Access to the bar or studio 1 to create their events, access to the sound system, access to the light board with Ellen Knops light designer.

-Run through of the festival, with real time light designer Ellen Knops on August 17, 18:00-22:00.

Rehearsal Schedules towards Freakatoni events:

With Manuela Monday and Tuesdays at 12:30 or by email if you want to book in advance / lunamatisse@yahoo.it

Located in Studio 1 and in the  studio Bodlabot.

Book Freakatoni events:

With Manuela and Miri  Monday and Tuesdays (while you book rehearsal schedules) at 12:30 or by email if you want to book in advance / lunamatisse@yahoo.it

A video will be made of all Freakatoni events and then placed on this link weekly (by the Wednesday or Thursday after the event)


I have placed photos of the studio 2 and bar area for Freakatoni events.


The schedules for the rehearsal spaces and for the Freaktoni bookings will be up dated weekly and placed on these links:

Rehearsal schedule:


The Freakatoni bookings:


And posted hard copy on a board in the bar area weekly.

-You can check the schedules on the links above to find your bookings in advance. Go to Manuela by email.

Intensive workshops:

Please come to me now on my email and let me know your plan to attend one of the intensive workshops so I can reserve your place. Cash on arrival / katie@katieduck.com /  (listed below).

Intensive Workshop summer course:
July 29 Saturday Melvin Fraenk Improvisation/hip hop workshop 11:00-17:00, 6 hours studio 1. This workshop leads towards a  Freakatoni Witchy Weekend performance that evening. Main space studio 1 €40 / €30 for anyone who is in the TM or MD workshops.

July 30 Sunday Miri Lee Improvisation workshop – Imprography 14:00-18:00 4 hours studio 1. This workshop leads towards a Freakatoni Witchy Weekend in the following weekend. Main space Studio 1 €40 / €30 for anyone who is in the TM or MD workshops.

July 30 Sunday Noortje Kohne  Alexander technique 11:00-13:00 2 hours Bodlabot studio €15 / free of charge for anyone who is in the Music Theater workshop for the full four weeks.

August 5 Saturday 11:00 to 15:00 studio 1 Tashi Iwaoka Improvisation workshop towards a Freakatoni event that evening €40 / €30 for anyone who is in the TM or MD workshops.

August 6 Sunday Vilbjorg Broch Voice and sound improvisation workshop 11:00-13:00 (2 hours) Bodlapot studio €20  / €15 for anyone who is in the TM or the MD workshops.

August 6 Sunday Kenzo Kusuda Improvisation workshop Vitalizing the Invisible 14:00 to 18:00 4 hours studio 1 €40 / €30 for anyone who is in the TM or MD workshop

August 16 Wednesday Ellen Knops Light Improvisation 18:00-20:00 2 hours Main space studio 1 €20 / €15 for anyone who is in the TM or the MD workshops.


Appointments can be made morning, afternoon or evening

Individual Alexander lessons with Noortje Kohne given through out the summer course €20 / 1 lesson free of charge for anyone in the Music Theater workshop for the full four weeks. Bodlabot studio or the attic studio (around the corner from the OT301). Make your appointment with Noortije /

Thai Massage with Esther Kaijim  July 24 and 25, Monday and Tuesday. One and one half hour sessions €50 attic studio (around the corner form the OT301). Make your appointments with Esther / estherkaijim@icloud.com

Acupuncture with Erica Appenzeller August 14 to 19  45 minute sessions €20. Go to Katie for appointments / katie@katieduck.com


OT301 Cultural Center, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam contact/route

– Studio 1 ground floor / bar ground floor / bodlabot301 first floor

Attic Studio, Wilhelminastraat 139-3, 1054 WC Amsterdam

-Around the corner from the OT301, ring the bell (KL Berger) 4th floor.


-For cleaning, shopping and over-all help in the summer course facility, we have locale artists who will take care of these jobs headed by Izabela.

-We have cutlery, glasses, cups and plates for you to use in the bar area. We ask that you make sure to place all your items back in the bar area in the sinks for the helpers to clean and put away daily.

-The summer course will have a bathroom facility on the ground floor that you can use through out the course.

-There is plenty of space in the bar area for you to change and store your belongings.

-The summer course will supply fruit, coffee, tea, milk and biscuits for your breaks in the bar area.

The Neighborhood:

-The OT301 is located in the old west Amsterdam. There is a small street directly in front of the OT301, Jan Pieter Heijestraat where you can find many restaurants of all international cuisines, coffee shops , grocery shops and wine bars.

-The Vondel park is one of the largest parks in Amsterdam. It is directly behind the OT301 where you can have an outdoor picnic on breaks.

-Tram 1 can stops directly in front of the OT301 if you are using public transport.

-People in Amsterdam ride bikes. Google “rent a bike in Amsterdam” and find many places and decent prices to rent a bike.

Navigating your way around the course:

I recommend you continue to use this link as a way to have an over view of the whole course.


The RULES in the OT301 building:

Rules of OT301: 

The Doors / The Keys

-The front door needs to be closed most of the times, especially when we will be working in the studios. Miri or Manuela will open the door in the morning before classes and rehearsals at 10:00, it can stay open until class starts. If you are late you should call Miri or Manuela.

The door will be open again in the breaks between movement classes, Music Theatre and Music Dance workshops.

If you are doing rehearsals please communicate with each other and exchange phone numbers, so if Miri and Manuela are not around,  you can call your colleagues inside to open. 

Miri: 0031 (6) 24226886

Access and Bikes:

-We can access the front yard in the breaks, please be quiet in the yard after 22:00 the neighbors are quite sensitive.

-Bikes need to be parked outside of the building, even if there are racks in the yard. Those are only for the residents. It has to do with neighbor disturbance.

Studio Bodlabot:

If you are working with music (live or recorded) please close the window after 21:00. No food, drinks or shoes are allowed in studio Bodlabot. Please don’t use any objects that could damage the wooden floor. If you need a chair inside you could place it on an old yoga mat. 

The keys to the studio Bodlabot will need to be coordinated with Manuela and Miri for rehearsal schedules.

Studio 1:

-Please do not play with the sound system until our sound engineer Colin or someone in charge of sound has arrived to the space.

-The floor is cement but very smooth. We suggest that you bring alternative shoes to test out in the space.

Please do not leave food or drink items in the studio once you have finished your work there. Replace food items in the bar area.

-The keys to the studio 1 will need to be coordinated with Manuela and Miri for rehearsal schedules.

Freakatoni Witchy Weekends:

Drink will not be served at the bar during the summer course. Bring your own drinks.


-There is plenty of room to store your food and drink in the bar area. There is a kettle and a fridge.

-The summer course provides coffee, tea, milk, fruit and biscuits daily in the breaks.

Please be respectful of all spaces of OT301. It is a cultural centre where many activities take place throughout the year, many artists are working there and some of them live in the building. Please always be quite in the corridor of each floor and don’t access any of the balconies or terraces on the roof.