Improvisation summer course registration and payments

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Full Course program

Intensive study Monday to Friday with Movement classes, Music Theater workshop, improvisation session and rehearsals alongside participation in the Freakatoni Withcy weekends on Friday and Saturday evenings . Your fee for the full Course program includes one intensive workshop Tuesday evening (Alexander workshop). You need to register and make payments into our accounts in advance to take part in the full Course program for one, two or three weeks, (not days at a time). 

Single bookings

Music Theater Workshop – This booking is a 3 hour a day workshop 13:00-16:00. Monday to Friday. You can attend for days or weeks at a time. We accept registration for the Music Theater workshop up until the course begins and while the course is in progress. Late registrations will only be given if a space is available. We prefer to have no more than 25 people involved in the work per day (including musicians). You need to register in advance and make payments into out account to attend the Music Theater workshop.

Movement Classes and Intensive workshops – Basic movement classes and movement/dance classes take place10:00-12:00 Monday to Friday. Intensive workshops are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 19:00-2100 or over weekends 12:00-16:00. You do not need to register in advance to attend Movement Classes or the Intensive workshops (cash on arrival to the teacher). You may find that classes or workshops are full. We advise that you check with Katie on email in advance. Bodlabot studio basic movement classes and workshops are 10 max  / Studio 1 movement/dance classes are 15 max, workshops 25 max.

You cannot make a single booking for the Improvisation sessions, rehearsal schedules or participation in the Freakatoni Witchy Weekends. These are reserved for participants who are doing the full Course program for one, two or three weeks.


Full Course program– Three weeks – €500 / Two weeks €360 / One week €180

Single booking – Music Theater Workshop –  Three weeks €400 / Two weeks €280 / One week €140 / per day €45

Movement classes – (cash on arrival to the teacher) per day €7

Intensive Workshops – 2 hour workshops €20 / four hour workshops €40 Intensive workshops timetables and artists description.

Registration in advance for the full Course program or for the Music Theater Workshop

Contact Katie Duck by email or go to contact on this website specifying if you wish to attend the full Course program or a single booking with the Music Theater workshop. Specify what weeks you wish to attend the full Course program or specify what days or weeks you wish to attend the Music Theater workshop. Include a motivation letter and CV.  It helps if you have a reference as to how you found out about the Summer Course. Katie will come back to you with an official invitation from Stichting Magpie which you can use to pursue funding and/or visa purposes.

Full Course program and Music Theater payments in advance – Bank transfer:  Stichting Magpie,  Bank: ING Amsterdam / Bank address – Kinkerstraat 130a, 1053EE, Amsterdam / Bank account number (same as the IBAN code): NL22INGB0009476524 / BIC: INGBNL2A

If internet banking is difficult where you are located, please let Katie know this. You can pay cash on arrival if you show you have a purchased your travel ticket and have secured housing in Amsterdam for the period you will attending the Summer Course. If you are applying for funding for your  payments, please let Katie know the deadline for when you will know you have achieved your funding. Everyone will receive a receipt from Stichting Magpie, the Netherlands after your payment has been made into our accounts.

Unfortunately, if you have made payments into our account and you need to cancel your place on the summer course, we can not give you a refund. It is possible for us to reserve these funds for work within the Summer Course (2019).