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The Alexander lesson consists of observation and simple movement lending clarity and understanding to how you function as a unit. The teacher gives the student tools to undo hindering habits and access natural coordination. Freedom and ease follow.  An example of simple activity is the work using a chair – how to sit, get up, stand, and get back into the chair. While the teacher guides the student verbally she applies her skills with a subtle touch allowing the student to experience hands-on direction. In the Alexander workshop we will explore the spines integration with the rest of the body. Special attention will be given at the relationships of the hips and the legs.

CV – Noortje Köhne received her Alexander training at the ATON, in Amstelveen, under the direction of Arie Jan Hoorweg. Since 2004 she has been teaching there on a regular basis. She runs her own practice in Amsterdam and at the Gimsel Academy in Rotterdam. Her practice includes workshops at the conservatory and dance schools. Noortje is STAT certified and is a member of Nevlat

Also a professional musician, Noortje Köhne graduated in 1997 as a violist from the Sweelink Conservatorium in Amsterdam. She has performed with various music ensembles, dance and theatre groups, such as Insomnia, ‘t Barre Land, Orkater, Scapino Ballet, The Metropole Orchestra, Lysn, Malte Schillers Red Balloon. She has trained improvisation with Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi and has been teaching Alexander technique at the Summer workshop since 2011.

Schedule: July 21 Thursday 18:30-20:30 group lesson / One-to-one lessons through out the  four week summer course.

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  1. […] Noortje Kohne Alexander teacher: July 21 Thursday Noortje Kohne will be doing a group session 19:00-21:00 for all summer course participants  in that week free of charge. Noortje will be doing one-to-one  Alexander lessons  free of charge for anyone who is doing the full four week course in the period of Katie’s workshop (14:00-16:30)  July 22, 28, 29 and August 5. Anyone who would like to make an appointment with Noortje for one to one lessons outside the full four week course participants , can go to her email address ( or see her at the summer course. Her one to one lessons are 30 minutes / €20. Go to this link to learn more about the Alexander technique. / Alexander Noortje Kohne […]