Movement classes improvisation summer course 2016

2014 Paranoia Vincent Cacalano, Miri lee Melvin Freank Manuela Tessi €10 per day / €5 per day if you are booking and doing payment in advance when you register for the TM or MD workshops. Minimum of five classes.

Miri Lee  July 25 to August 4 / 10:30 to 12:30 /  Bodlabot studio Monday and Friday / Studio 1 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday / Max Monday and Friday 10 people / Max Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 15 people.

I have developed physical exercises that, through the use of movement patterns and breathing, emphasize the functional aspects of tension, release, dynamic awareness and weight shift. These exercises provide a structure in which a dancer can organize movement qualities, explore their natural energy and emotions and expand upon a range of movement vocabulary that expands their potential for expression. I then provide technical skills that support the development of articulation of each body part (muscle and bone). This facilitates a structure which enables the dancer to discover dynamic flow related to movement phrasing; whilst simultaneously developing strength, endurance, flexibility and grounding. The aim of these exercises is to enable discerning movement to be swiftly executed in an environment packed with rhythmic, spacial and dynamic variables. This training is a dynamic and rhythmic movement work-out. It integrates experiential anatomy, the observations of kinesthetic sensitivity and the coordination of the mind to motion. There is a complex system and process occurring on the in and outside of the actual state of our own body. These processes are accompanied by mental structures as we reflect upon a possible moment to moment change in the perception of our bodies. This complex activity can either hinder movement or, when placed in a guided situation, create, embody and release it.

CVI am a choreographer, contemporary dancer and movement teacher for 15 years and have been working in the field of performance art internationally Since I moved to Netherlands in 2008. I have been performing numerous improvisation and theater performances with Katie Duck and dancers such as; Julyen Hamilton, Jack Gallagher, Kenzo Kusuda, Vincent Cacalano, Lily Kiara and many others in across Europe, US, Brazil and Korea. I collaborate a substantial working relationships with theater maker Juliean Hetzel and visual artist, Jennifer Tee based on performance work with visual installations in gallery, museum, manifesta and created many solo pieces in varied contexts and international locations and ‘Meta body’ in European project which is collaborated with group of ‘Steim’ in Amsterdam and ‘Dablab’ in London. I choreographed ’Poetry’ and performed with Anani Sanouvie in Julidans festival 2011, ‘Lucht’ in ‘Dans in the wereld’ in Muiderpoort theater in 2012 and later ‘Red Room’, ‘Ban of Ritual’, ‘Solid Seeing’ in different venues in Netherlands. Since 2009, I have been working improvisation summer course; directed by Katie Duck as a movement teacher and artistic advisor, and taught a movement research at the school for new dance department(SNDO) as a guest teacher in 2016. Recently, I have researched to develop my own methods, ‘Imprography’ is the title to represent in choreographic methodology to execute for performance in live time performance. detailed CV:

Manuela Tessi August 7 to 18, 10:30 to 12:30 Bodlabot studio Monday and Friday / Studio 1 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday / Max Monday and Friday 10 people / Max Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 15 people.

The sensitive and sensible body – Pleasure and effortlessness in movement are at the base of my technique class. The physical work is directed at finding pathways in the coordination of the body that allow more freedom and expand the range of possibilities in movement qualities. The class is release technique based. It aims at training our instrument, body and mind, to gain maximum control and freedom. In my practice a lot of attention is directed at finding how one movement calls another organically and efficiently as well as how we can rewire our body to find more coordination possibilities. The class starts with floor work, in which the focus is on alignment and freeing the joints of unnecessary tensions. In the standing part we will work with spirals, subtle as well as unpredictable weight shifts, sequenciality and rythm, moving from simple towards more complex movement combinations and movement tasks with an articulate and sensuous movement quality. I use phrase work next to movement  research tasks, shifting from one to the other. Musicality is a strong element throughout my class. I take inspiration from my experience of working and performing with live music, as well as a fascination for other dance forms in which the relationship with music is fundamental (i.e. Southern Italian folk and social dancing). In particular, I look at the way these dance forms use music to inform and refine the movement quality.  

CV –  I am a dancer, teacher and maker based in Amsterdam and Berlin.  I hold a degree in Modern Dance from the Theaterschool in Amsterdam and have spent the last several years performing and touring my work. I recently did a six months residency at Lake Studios, Berlin, where I  developed new projects including the Weight of Words and MusikTanzNullDreissig, a monthly series of music and dance performances in various venues curated alongside flutist Friederike Wendorf. Live music, whether composed or improvised, plays an important role in my performance work.  Since 2009 I curatedance  music performances, the series Music Dance 301 at the cultural centre OT301 in Amsterdam and since 2004 I have studied and worked with Katie Duck, who has been one of my greatest creative influences alongside the many dancers who have inspired her direction in work. I am one of the core members of Wonderland collective, directed by Makiko Ito presented monthly in Amsterdam and various festivals in Europe and recently performed two solo works created specifically for me by Vincent Cacialano and Paul Estabrook. Back to main page Improvisation summer course Amsterdam 2017


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