Videos 2015-16

Orgelpark performance/workshop archive of videos from 2010 to 2015


MD OT301 Amsterdam September 2015

Traces of Casualty (series)

“Cage” Devised and performed by Katie Duck. Music; Alfredo Genovesi. Emmio Morriscone, SIA, James Blake, Ilaria Honsiger (voice), Katie Duck (sound mix). Napoli, Itlay June Alto Festival. Sound engineer Alto Fest Paolo Arnaldo Dallari.

“I’m Crazy” Devised and performed by Katie Duck. Sound mix Katie Duck. Music sources Alfredo Genovesi and Sia. Light design Katie Duck. Film for performance by Ilaria Honsinger. Registration by Alan McDermott. March 5, 2015. Manchester (Crew).

“Duck&Snaith (girls at work)”) Devised and performed by Katie Duck and Yolande Snaith. Music mix by Katie Duck. Music sources Teodoro Anzellotti, Alfredo Genovesi, Labyrinth, Stephen Kent, Neko Case, James Blake. Registration by Lisa Frank. May 2, 2015 Live Arts festival San Diego, California.


OT301 Ice and Dry Heat Katie Duck and Julyen Hamilton Ellen Knops Lights January 7 2015

Duck&Snaith “Girls at Wok” Dock 11 Berlin February 2016

Kathy Zieger promo video for her single “I need Love”

Performance Katie Duck and Mary Oliver June 10, 2016 Poland festival The art of Improvisation