Workshop Vilbjørg Broch Improvisation summer course 2015

_MG_9799-1July 19, 20 (Tuesday, Wednesday) 18:30 to 20:30 towards a Freakatoni performance event.

Voice Improvisation workshop:
This short workshop will be an introduction to the voice in improvisation and will be especially aimed at dancers, though anyone is welcome. We will touch upon the following topics:  The voice in improvisation, Perspectives on developing the voice, Harmony and rhythm, Relation between musical form and technique, Intonation, Voice and language, Voice and movement. And we will end with a  performance presentation at the Freakatoni event the following weekend.



SNDO Amsterdam, Studied classical music approximately 12 years by coloratura soprano Marianne Blok, studied new voice techniques with various members of the Roy Hart Theatre, especially Enrique Pardo. I worked with theater and music in a wide range of forms during the past 30 years, spanning from improvised electro-acoustic music over object & text theatre to environmental installation events. A few key collaborations and projects are : Noise Maker’s Fifes (BE), Songs Of Maldoror,  Henriette v Reesema, Yochem Hartz, Milou Veling, Anti-Delusion Mechanism, Yann Keller (DE), The Genetic Cabaret, Eugenix,  Gracehoper and the Sommerfool, Some day the Prince will stay at home – Machiavelli, Apokalypsis,  OOO-2012, Katie Duck, Telluric Signals, OKNO (BE), Raoul vd Weide (NL), YoYo (CZ).    For some projects I have produced costumes, objects and masks. I am (mostly) autodidact in mathematics, programming and electronics.
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