Katie Duck has been teaching since she began to perform professionally in the mid 70’s. She is dedicated to how process and research play a major role in how one can continue to be artistic in how they approach their life and their work.

She has had the possibility to create material for her workshops out of a wide range of practices in the performance arts. She has never formulated her teaching material into a frozen body of knowledge. She does not believe that the accumulation of knowledge is how one becomes a teacher. She believes that It is out of her practice and the practice she witnesses with a student that all knowledge becomes clarified in the lessons she leading.

Now in her 60’s, Katie has been teaching workshops internationally and in prestigious University systems for over 35 years. Her enthusiasm for a young artists to be able to initiate their practice is evident in how she has continued to stay connected with new technologies, new research in the physical sciences, economic and political issues, in relationship with the performing arts and music fields.

In the way she communicates with students, one is aware of how she understands that the professional field of the arts has altered drastically in comparison to when she  began her practice in the mid 70’s. As part of her teaching, she encourages young artists to devise strategies that allow for them to sustain the production of their work with creativity and research involved and yet survive.

She continues to take risks with her own career in the support of young artists. Giving them the possibility to experiment within her own practice.

Katie tours internationally with her workshops through the year (agenda 2008 to 2017 / agenda 18). In her Amsterdam base, she offers the Sunday sessions, the Xmas workshop, Improvisation summer course Amsterdam.

Chapter from the thesis by Sharon Smith / writing about Katie’s work Its not what you do its the way you do it





  • Summer course 2012
  • Korea 2013
  • Brazil 2014
  • Mexico 2015
  • Mexico 2015
  • Brazil 2016
  • Brazil 2016
  • Workshop
  • workshop
  • workshop
  • workshop 2015
  • Orgelpark workshop yearly Amsterdam


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