Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam

Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam 2018 July 28 to August 18

1396061_662321180470804_1975253617_n The improvisation Summer Course has been an annual Amsterdam event since 2009. The Course provides a platform for musicians, dancers, vocalist, actors, text artists and performance artists to engage in intensive study alongside weekend performance events. Our aim is to provide a platform for artists to re-consider and re-present real time performance. The structure of the course is designed for artists to practice their on going process within a community of international artists. Archive 2009 to 2017

Artistic Director: Katie Duck with Miri Lee and Manuela Tessi.

The Improvisation Summer Course has different paths an artist can do. Artists can register for the full Course program including Movement classes, the Music Theatre workshop, the Improvisation sessions, rehearsal schedules 5 days a week and participation in the Freakatoni Witchy weekends Friday and Saturdays. Or you can register for the Music Theatre workshop on it’s own for days or weeks at a time. Or you can attend (without registration) Movement classes and/or Intensive workshops.  Click here for information about how to register and prices.


Movement Classes: Miri Lee and and Manuela Tessi 10;00-12:00 Monday to Friday.  Miri and Manuela are independent artists with backgrounds that extend from traditional to contemporary dance practices. Each day there are two classes you can choose to attend either in the Bodlabot studio (basic movement classes) or in studio 1 (movement/dance classes). These classes are included in the full Course program fee and open to the public.Click here for information about content and the artist.

Music Theater Workshop: Katie Duck 13:00-16:00 Monday to Friday. Katie has been investigating theater, dance, text and music for over 35 years.  In her workshop she takes a microscopic view on the role improvisation plays for interdisciplinary, collaborative real time performance. This workshoo is included in the full Course program fee and open to the public registration in advance. Click here for information about content and the artist.

Intensive Workshops: These workshops are held by local Amsterdam artists, one or two days, two hours per day on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or four hours per day on the weekends . These workshops are open to the public and not included in the full Course program (Cash on arrival to the teacher).  Music Dance Manuela Tessi /  Imprography Miri Lee / Alexander Noortje Kohne  / Voice and Sound Vilbjorg Broch / Improvisation Kenzo Kusuda / Improvisation Maria Mavridou  / Real time Lighting Ellen Knops.  Click here for information about content, the artists, timetables and prices.

Included in the full Course program:

Improvisation Sessions: Katie Duck, Miri Lee and Manuel Tessi 16:30-18:30 Monday to Friday. The sessions integrate lighting, text, dance, movement, object, sound and music. Local guest musicians are invited weekly to participate in these sessions.  Click here for information about content Click here for the list of guest musicians 2018.

Freakatoni Witchy Weekends and Rehearsals: Performances 20:00 to 22:0 Friday and Saturdays. Evening and morning rehearsals booked weekly.  Participants book their rehearsal schedule and Freakatoni events in the beginning of each week for the up coming Friday and/or Saturday evenings. Katie, Miri and Manuela set the order for the events each weekend by way of tutorials with the artist participants. Click here for information about how rehearsals and Freakatoni Witchy weekend performances are booked and about the general performance facility and content 

Graphic Calendar to help you navigate your way around the course  (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The Improvisation Summer course takes place in Amsterdam at the Cultural center OT301   / Link to routes

Housing in Amsterdam:  You are responsible to book your own housing in Amsterdam. Katie will collect sublet options from Amsterdam locals who leave their flats for the summer (July/August 2018).  You can use the link below to find updates of rooms and flats to sublet in Amsterdam in the summer by May 2018. Updated by May 2018 web page with Housing for the Summer 2018 Amsterdam.

Read this if you have registered in advance for the full course program to find information about the OT301 facility and rules


  • Noortje
  • April 6, 7, 8 Thursday, Friday and Saturday Abandon Human Sharon Smith Katie Duck (performance) Emese Csornai (Light and set) DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin / click the photo for more information


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