Improvisation Summer Course Archive 2009-2017


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The Improvisation Summer Course is a non funded organization working with Stichting Magpie (non profit organization). Stichting Magpie was formed in 2003 for the Improvisation music/dance company “Magpie”. Katie Duck initiated the Magpie Company in 1995 and began to use the stichting for independent projects when it folded in 2006. Your payments are placed into the Stichting Magpie account at the lowest rate we can manage in order to collaborate with the current financial situation and international currencies.  The artists involved in the creation and support system of the summer course believe in a transparent financial presence and an independently functioning organization outside the boarders of the ever shifting art institutions. The OT301, where the summer course is located, is a broad based Cultural Center where artists gather to do research and practice in Amsterdam. The artists who have created the summer course work in the OT301 on a regular bases representing a counter cultural position in the support of “dong the WORK” over trends, political aims or fictitious monetary value systems.

The improvisation Summer Course is facilitated by a community of interdisciplinary Amsterdam based artists who meet through out the year in sessions, performances, on-going projects and workshops. The summer course accepts participants from all backgrounds, ages, nationality and experiences who have a curiosity for interdisciplinary art practices, collaboration and making their own work in the context of real time performance in confrontation with live public’s. We encourage artists to experiment and take risks in a current landscape where pushing the boundaries of  art practices has become increasingly alienating and difficult.


Artistic Directors: Katie Duck, Miri Lee, Manuela Tessi

Curators Freakatoni Witchy Weekends: Manuela Tessi and Miri Lee

Workshop leaders: Katie Duck (Music Theater), Manuela Tessi (Music Dance), Manuela Tessi and Miri Lee (Movement Teachers),

Intensive Workshop Teachers: Improvisation/hip hop workshop Melvin Fraenk, Improvisation workshop – Imprography Miri Lee, Alexander workshop Noortje Kohne, Improvisation workshop Tashi Iwaoka, Voice and sound workshop Vilbjorg Broch, Improvisation workshop Kenzo Kusuda, Lighting workshop Ellen Knops.


Alexander teacher: Noortje Kohne

Video and Posters: (Kage) Jong-kag Park 

Participants one, two, three and four weeks: Izabela Pacewicz, Pawel Grala,  Atul Kumar, Céline Barreau, Naz Buhsem, Ludivine Metairie, Gerardo Segurado, Annick van Rinsum, Karin van Kooten, Inna Kulazhenkova, Sebastian López-Lehto, Hannah Levine, Zee Hartmann, Elevi Pantazato, Matteo Branchetti, Dimitri Kousteridou, Sabine van den Bulk, Annarita Ricciardu, Amarante Nat, Emma Minarelli, Martina Schiesser, Pierre–Paul Constant, Sandra Kramerova, Annukka Hirvonen, Stefania Petracca, María de Dueñas López, Violeta Gago, Claudia Chiroli, Arina Sachkova, Thalia Laric, Coila-Leah Enderstein, Laurie Walker, Neus Ferre, Jonathan Nagel, Arjan van Muyen, Cristina Martines, Nitipat (Ong) Pholcha, Thomas van Dun, Annarita Ricciardu, Tera Kilbride, Hassina Sakhri, Emma Minarelli, Sarah Claman, Carolina Mantovano

Guest Musicians:  Coila-Leah Enderstein (keyboards), Camille Verhaak (clarinet), (Kage) Jong-kag Park (electronics), Gerardo Segurado (piano), Jonathan Nagel (double bass), Hassina Sakhri (vocals), Noortje Kohne (viola), Camille Verhaak (clarinet), Laura Lotti (Harp), Sarah Claman (violin), Robbert van Hulzen (drums), Arvind Ganga (electric guitar, objects), Jacob Plooij (violin), Vilbjorg Broch (vocals), Mary Oliver (violin), The Bucket band, Lily Kiara (vocals and guitar), Kathy Zieger (vocals and guitar), Ruben van Hedriks (guitar and vocals), Wilber de Joode (bass), James Hewitt (violin).

Link to the 2017 Freakatoni Witchy Weekends



Artistic Director: Katie Duck

Administration/Video registration: Miri Lee

Video editing: Kage) Jong-kag Park 

Central coordination Freakatoni witchy weekends: Manuela Tessi 

Workshop leaders: Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition) Mary Oliver (viola and Violin – Music)

Movement teachersNoortje Köhne (Alexander technique), Manuela Tessi  (Contemporary dance), Miri Lee (Movement research).
Guest musicians for the workshops:  Jasper Stadhouders (electric guitar), Wilbert de Joode  (double bass),  Robbert van Hulzen (drums), Lily Kiara (vocalist, song writer, guitar, movement artist).
Evening and Sunday workshop leaders: Vilbjorg Broch (vocals and listening),  Kenzo Kusuda (improvisation),  Melvin Fraenk (dance improvisation).
Alexander teacher: Noortje Kohne

Participants in the workshops and Freakatoni witchy weekends

Week 1

Vilbjorg Broch , Paula IlicDhanisa Shende, Sophia Gronlund , Aryan van Muyen, Anni Lattunen, Marcello Battaglia,  Ady Elzam,  Jake Sorgen (guitar), Carolina Mantovano,  Alekszandr SzivkovLester AriasManuela Lucia Tessi , Christine BonanseaGabor Hartyani (cello),  Noortje Kohne (viola), Anna Mikhailova (koto), Anna Heuer HansenHan Kortekaa, Izabela Pacewicz WysockaAngelique Amyot, Ady ElzamGeerte de Koe (violin), Manuela TessiMiri LeeMary Oliver (viola and Violin), Kagi Park (electronics)), Christine BonanseaJasper Stadhouders (guitar) John Dikeman (saxophone), Carolina MantovanoNicolaj WambergDhanisa ShendeCamille Verhaak (clarinet),  Kenzo Kusuda, Geerte de Koe (violin), Camille Verhaak (clarinet), Ksenia Perek, Dhanisa Shende, Pierre C. Bonnet, Natalia Sokoowska, Nicolle Vieira, Angelique Amyot, Uiko Watanabe, Anni Lattunen, Francine ten Brummelhuis, Anna Heuer Hansen, Han Kortekaas, Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, Nicolaj Wamberg, Sophia Grøndal, Marcello Battaglia, Tashi Iwaoka,

Week 2

Alekszandr Szvikov, Melvin FraenkTom van Wee (electronics), Sayaka AkitsuTashi Iwaoka,  Noortje Kohne (viola) Ayumi Matsuda (recorders), Marie Khatib-ShahidiYouri PetersTom van Wee (electronics), Uiko WatanabLester Arias,  Alena Kundela,  Eva ReichmuthPaulo Alexandre Jorge (saxophone), Nicolle Vieira, Ady ElzamGabor Hartyani (cello), Paulo Alexandre Jorge (saxophone), Tristan Renfrow (drums) Lester Arias,, Ady ElzamDhanisa Shende,  Mary Oliver (viola and Violin), Kagi Park (electronics) Gabor Hartyani (cello), Johanna Jani, Anni Lattunen, Caroline Skaar, Camille Verhaak (clarinet),  Gabor Hartyani (cello), Paula IlicDhanisa ShendeClara Miranda Paulo Alexandre Jorge (saxophone), Tashi IwaokaAlena KundelaEva Reichmuth, Caroline Skaar, Anni Lattunen, Mahe Perrette, Sonia Zhang, Johanna Jani, Clara Miranda,  Paulo Alexandre Jorge (saxophone), Gabor Hartyani (cello), Mathilde van Wijnen (violin), Ksenia Perek, Natalia Soko?owska, Angelique Amyot, Francine ten Brummelhuis, Alena Kundela , Mathilde van Wijnen (violin), Caroline Skaar, Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Sonia Qinqing Zhang, Paulo A. Jorge (sax and drums), Clara Miranda, Gonçalves, Tashi Iwaoka.

Week 3 

Clara MirandaAdy ElzamAngelique Amyot, Laura Saumweber, Nicolle Vieira, Eloise Fouquet, Pierre Bonnet, Paulo Alexandre JorgeManuela Lucia Tessi,  Wilbert de Joode (double bass),  Izabela Pacewicz- Wisocka, Stefania Petroula, Carmen Ojeda (flute), Joachim Spieth (trumpet),  Mary Oliver (viola), Wilbert de Joode (double bass),  Dhanisa Shende, Pierre Bonnet, Paula IlicAnni LattunenAdy Elzam, Johanna Jani,  Eva ReichmuthRobbert van Hulzen (drums) , Annelie Koning (vocals), Nicolle Vieira, Francine ten Brummelhuis, Angelique Amyot,  Arnau Obiols (drums),  Angela Stoecklin, Laura Saumweber, Francine ten Brummelhuis,  Paula IlicAnnelie Koning (vocals), Arnau Obiols (drums), Miri LeeDhanisa ShendeGabor Hartyani (cello), Kagi Park (electronics), Natalia Sokolowska, Angela Stoecklin, Laura Saumweber, Anni Lattunen,  Annelie Koning (vocals) , Angela Stoecklin, Joachim Spieth (trumpet), Arnau Obiols (drums), Jana Rosell, Laura Saumweber, Ady ElzamClara Miranda, Eloise Fouquet, Izabela Pacewicz- WysockAnnelie Koning (vocals),  Karmit Fadael (violin),  Miri LeeJohn Dikeman ( saxophone), Pierre Bonnet, Ksenia Perek, Jasper Stadhouders (electric guitar),  Annelie Koning (vocals),, Anni Lattunen, Natalia Sokolowska,, Nicolle Vieiram, Karmit Fadael (violin), Jana Rosell Buchaca, Laura Saumweber,  Sonia Qinqing Zhang, Francine ten Brummelhuis, Ksenia Perek, Angelique Amyot, Tashi Iwaoka,

Week 4

Iris van Peppen, Ivy Tsui, Joana Borges,  Marc Alexander Nukoop (electronics), Ard Kok (electric guitar),  Ady Elzam,  Uiko WatanabeMary Oliver (viola),  Izabela Pacewicz- WysockaGabor Hartyani (cello), Geerte de Koe (violin), Dhanisa Shende, Eloise Fouquet, Johanna Jani, Nicolle Vieira,  Vilbjorg Broch (vocals, electronics), Francine ten Brummelhuis, Natalia Sokolowska, Volkan Turgut (electronics), Seth Zahn (electronics), Nicolle Vieira,, Johanna Jani, Stefania Petracca,  Izabela Pacewicz- WysockaNoortje Kohne (viola),  Ayumi Matsuda (recorder), Marie Khatib-ShahidiYouri Peters,  Sonia Zhang, Francine ten Brummelhuis,  Paulo Alexandre Jorge (saxophone), Tashi IwaokaLaura Lotti (harp) , Angelique AmyotGabor Hartyani (cello), Clara MirandaNicolle Vieira,  Anni LattunenPaulo Alexandre Jorge (saxophone), Anni LattunenAngelique AmyotCamille Verhaak (clarinet), Izabela Pacewicz- WysockaAnn Kathrin GranhusTheis Ozzie EgebergAnni LattunenCarolina MantovanoSonia Zhang, Pierre Bonnet, Chia-Jung (Jiarong) Liao, Toi Victoria, Stefania Petra, Jeannette Schueler, Angel Robin Fox, Ann Kathrin Granhus, Fabian Chyle, Hannah, Sabine van der Bulk.

Videos Freakatoni Witchy Weekend 2016  week 1 / week 2 / week 3 / week 4



Artistic Director: Katie Duck

Administration/Video registration Freakatoni: Miri Lee

Video editing: Kage) Jong-kag Park

Central coordination: Manuela Tessi

Workshop leader:Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition)
Movement teachers: Noortje Köhne (Alexander technique), Manuela Tessi  (Contemporary dance), Miri Lee (Movement research).

Musician teachers and Freakatoni: Robbert van Hulzen (drums),  James Hewitt (violin), Vilbjorg Broch (vocal/electronics),  Lily Kiara (song writer, vocal, guitar, movement performer), Friederike Motzkau (flute),Nina Hitz (cello), Ralph de Rijke (saxophone), Mary Oliver (violin).Guest Artists workshops:Kenzo Kusuda, Tahsi Iwaoka, Sayaka Akitsu, Juliet Shelly, Christoph Eberl.

Participants (4 week course)Electra Kouloumpi, Archana Nair, Heide Nasution (musician). Filippo Porro, Silvia Dezulian, Hara Alonso (musician/performer), Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, Maryane Petters Ribeiro,  Sarah King, Eva Reichmuth Jiarong Liao, Hannah Levin, Elke van der Kelen, Sofia Bacaluzzo, Archana Nair, Oona Bucher,Eva ReichmuthShashikala Reddy, Zala Pezdir, Sonja Salkowitsch, Virginia Farman, Sara PaternesiAngel Robin Fox, Johanna Jani, Genesis Ramirez (performer/vocals), Ilana ReynoldsJuliet Shelly, Paloma Dionisi,  Stefania Petroula, Natalia Sokowska, Anita Konarska, Issy Tennant, Tiana Hemlock, Sebastian Luzzi, Susana Duarte.

Guest Artists Freakatoni: Kenzo Kusuda  Tahsi Iwaoka, Sayaka Akitsu, Maya Ichikawa, Astarti Athanasiadou, Frédérique Ruppert, Ilaria Honsinger, Manuela Tessi, Katie DuckChristoph Eberl Arletta Boland, Tom van Wee, Mats van Rossen, Youri Peters, Andrea Hackl, Fernando Oliveira, Raoul Germano, Birgit Gunzl, Miri Lee, 

Participating Musicians Sessions and Freakatoni: Noortj Köhne (viola), Jornt Duyx (guitar), Gábor Hartyáni (cello),  Ali Çalar Erdoan (percussion), Camille Verhaak (clarinet), Dodó Kis (recorder), Albert Manders (flute), Wilbert de Joode (Bass),  Tom van Wee (Freakatoni), Yedo Gibson (saxes/winds), Ayumi Matsuda (recorder).
Videos Freakatoni witchy weekends 2015  Week 1  / Week 2 Week 3 week 4 

Freakatoni Amsterdam Summer course 2015


Artistic Director: Katie Duck

Music: Alfredo Genovesi

Administration: Miri Lee

Posters/video: Kage) Jong-kag Park

Workshop leader: Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition)

Workshop and class teachers:  Manuela Tessi / Movement classMiri Lee  Movement class Chandana Sarma / Movement classNoortje Kohne Alexander techniqueSayaka Akitsu project toward perofrmance, Yolande Snaith workshop, Kenzo Kusuda workshop, Abhilash Ningappa workshop.

Participants (4 week course):  Silvia Luraschi, Hannah Pickett, Judit castaño Figueras, Esther Kaijim,  Stefania PetroulaRahul GoswamiChandana Sarmam, Maria de DueñasZala PezdirShelley Owen, Tsz Cong XiaoSara Behrad, Shahrokh Forotanian, Afsaneh Nematnasser, Yolande Snaith, Sonja Salkowitsch, Sylvie Altenburger  (viola) , Marleen Fernandez, Keerthi BasavarajaiahFriederike Motzkau (flute), Sabine van den Bulk, Tom van Wele, Juli Kaye, Susan van den Berg, Sarah Kate Ghordiwer, Ivan Mijacevic, Jeannette Schueler, Isabela Pocewius, Johanna Kob, Irene Rametta ( voice), Antonia Steffens, Kristianne Salcines, Naima Mazic,  Alex Zampini  (guitar), Ilaira HonsingerMiguel de Vale, Malin Gebken

Artists who participated: Vincent CacalanoManuela TessiMiri Lee  Jong-kag Park (Kage)Alekszandr Szivkov, Noortje Köhne (viola), Sayaka AkitsuTom van Wee Katie Duck Alfredo Genovesi,  Lily KiaraMaria MavridouYui NakagamiMats van RossumYouri PetersManuela Tessi, /Music Noortje Köhne (viola), Nina Hitz (cello) Bence Huszar (cello), Makiko ItoKenzo KusudaJustin MorrisonSylvie Altenburger (viola),  Abhilash NingappaAntonia Steffens (visual artist), Friederike Motzkau (flutes), Andy Keep (electronics), Yedo Gibson (saxes/winds).

Videos Freakatoni witchy weekends 2014 / July 25-25  / August 1-2 / August 8-9 / August 15-16



Artistic Director: Katie Duck

Music: Alfredo Genovesi

Administration: Miri Lee

Posters: Kage) Jong-kag Park

Workshop leader: Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition)


Participants (5 weeks course): Keerthi BasavarajaiahShelley Owen Chandana Sarma Maria GouliTom van Wee , Ida Pedersen Raakesh SukeshJoost GotraTamzin Hurley Sandrina Lindgren David Birchall Swati Mohan Laura Monge Maria Vittoria JedlowskiSabine van den Bulk , Ewan Downie Anna Porubcansky Friederike Motzkau (flute), Marta, Maseiro Yolande SnaithMonika SkórskaMaria Kölle Alekszandr Szivkov , Elyse CoxHarald PretschnerKathy Ziegler (violin, accordion, guitar), Lester Arias, Scout Creswick, Victoira Guy, Erik Zyijstra, Deborah Black, Ezequiel Sanuccilack, Lidia Muller, Yang hee Lee, Martijs

Artists who participated: Musicians: Noortje Köhne (Alexander teacher and viola), Freek Ninginkata (electric guitar, electronics), Andy Keep (electronics), Arvind Ganga (electric guitar and electronics), Sandra Pujols (vocals), Yedo Gibson (saxophones & misc winds)Dancer/Performer/Text: Marek Jason Isleib , Maria Mavridou Kenzo Kusuda , Sylvain Meret , Dorit Weintal , Lily Kiara , Sayaka Akitsu , Melvin Fraenk , Vincent Cacalano , Paul Estabrook , Raakesh Sukesh , Manuela TessiShobhithaYeluri

Videos Freakatoni witchy weekends 2013


Staff: Katie Duck

Music: Alfredo Genovesi

Administration: Miri Lee

Workshop leader: Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition)

Participants (5 week course): Harald PrerschnerCarolina MantovanoSusan van den BergMarco UbaldiEmma-Jane MartinKeerthi BasavarajaiahGeorgiana CavendishAlekszandr SzivkovSamuel Kennedy Mohan Gopalakrishnan Nair Caroline SchillingChrystabel Butler Thalia Laric Lauren Shuker Friederike MotzkauLiz Beres / Musicians: Maria Vittoria Jedlowski (guitar and voice), Lan Tung (Erhu),Anna Porubcansky  (vocalist mover), Kagi-Jong kag Park (electronics),Arvind Ganga (electric guitar and electronics), Friederike Motzkau (flutes), Nanaco (violin), Dale Gorfinkel (trumpet tubes), Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Yedo Gibson ( sop sax ), Kim Jose Bode  (recorders )

Videos Freakatoni wild weekends 2012

Archive of open classes 2012


Artistic director: Katie Duck

Music: Alfredo Genovesi

Workshop leader: Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition)

Participants (5 week course): Jasmine Attié, Guido van Hout, Malin Gebken, Shobhitha Yeluri, Adrian Ulri, Kristina Norri, Verena van den Berg, Mohan Gopalakrishnan Nair, Raakesh Sukesh & Abhilash Ningappa / Musicians: Kagi-Jong kag Park (electronics) & Noortje Köhne (viola).


Artistic director: Katie Duck

Workshop leader: Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition)

Participants (5 week course): Dancers/Performers: Kristin Hatleberg, Nayana Bhat, Anne Wilson, Stina Nilsson, Talya Epstein, Laura Witzleben, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel, Giselda Ranieri, Zakia el Abodi, Astarte Athanasiadou, Joel Fritzon, My Grönholdt, Susana Salazar & Sheri Burt / Musicians: Tony Spina (drums), Krista Martynes (clarinet), Santiago Botero (counter bass)

Documentary 2010 by Ilaria Honsinger 


Artistic director: Katie Duck

Workshop leader: Katie Duck (Movement research/improvisation/composition)

Participants (9 week course): Dancers/Performers: Silvia Bennett, Or Hakim. Michelle Ferris, Kira Senkpiel, Artemis Lampiri, Merel Roozen, Izabela Pacewicz, Carla Behal, Rakesh Sukesh, Sayaka Akitsu, Karen ben Altabet & Gonca Gumuayak / Musician: Emily Shapiro (clarinet).

Documentary 2009 by Ilaria Honsinger