Orgelpark performance / workshop Amsterdam August 22-26 2016

Copy of Year 8 Orgelpark PosterThe  Orgelpark is an international podium for Pipe Organist, Composers, and a variety of performance areas. The Orgelpark improvisation (music/dance) project has been held at the Orgelpark since 2009 in the finale week of August. Artistic directors: Katie Duck (performance/dance), Jacob Lekkerkerker  (Music/pipe organ).

The Workshop week: August 22 to 25, Monday to Thursday, 13:00 to 17:00. The first part of the workshop is led by Katie Duck (movement research/improvisation strategies). The second part of the workshop with Katie and Jacob Lekkerkerker   (lectures about the Orgel and improvisations sessions). €100. Limited to 10 performer/dance participants. Register:

The Performance: Is a result of rehearsals held in the evenings during the Orgelpark workshop week under the direction of Katie Duck and  Jacob Lekkerkerker 



Gerard Brandtstraat 26, 1054 JK Amsterdam

Videos orgelpark performances 2009-2015

  • Jacob Lekkerkerker
  • August 22 to 26. Orgelpark performance/workshop project has been done in the last week of August in Amsterdam for the past 9 years. The Orgelpark is a concert hall revised church that has five pipe organs. The project experiments with how to renovate the way we hear and use the pipe organ outside the church and outside our pre conceived ideas.
  • Miri