MAGPIE videos 2001-2006

MAGPIE was spearheaded by Katie Duck in Amsterdam in 1995. She had a an extensive background making choreographies and collaborating with improvisation musicians in Europe beginning in 1976 and decided to place in studio rehearsals dancers and musicians who were interested in how a improvisation with live music and dance could become a unique experience to share with a public. She collaborated with Michael Vatcher (drums) from 1995 to 2000 and with Mary Oliver (violin) 2001-2006. Katie chose, together with the collaborating musician, the performers for each of the tours, events and workshop platforms. The founding dancers, who added a great deal to how the work was researched and then performed, were Vincent Cacialono, Martin Sonderkamp, Sharon Smith, and Eileen Stanley. Later she added Michael Schumacher, Masako Naguchi, Sylvain Meret, Justin Morrison, Makiko Ito and several others who had been invited as guest or were apprenticing with the company. Musicians included Han Bennik, Cor Fuhler, The Ex, Michael Moore, Wilber De Joode, Ap Baars among many others who passed through tours or performances with the company. Light designer Ellen Knops joined the company early in its development creating a model for how theater lighting could operate within improvisation performance.