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Education: High school diploma USA, Youth theater and stock companies from the age of 12 San Fernando Valley Southern California. Fremont Junior College, Theater department. University of Utah, Modern dance department. Private Teachers- Trout Faggioni – Laban and Joose (Italy) / workshops toward directing with Dario Fo, Physical theatre Carlos Traffic, several directors in theatre and image, object and figure. Music studies have been in the practice with live performances with musicians who directed me toward listening and learning about specific composers and music movements; classical, jazz, modern music, traditional (Japan and India), abeyant and electronics .

Founding member Salt Lake City Mime Company (1974-77), Solo performances the Duck play, Matilda’s suicide, Mad woman (1976-80), Collaborations with European Improvisation Music artists (1976-99) Tristan Honsinger, Sean Bergin, Mischa Mengelberg, Derek Bailey, Gunther Christman, Baar Philps and others. Company Groupo (1979-85) “Rutles, The Orange Man, Mind the Gap. MAGPIE Music Dance Company improvised performances (Dutch funded tours and world tours (1995 – 2005), Solos (based on text 1993-1999), revised MAGPIE with Alfredo Genovesi “Crime and Casualty” (2008-current).

Company Groupo (1979-86) 12 international tours, (1986-89) in Great Britain, Spain. Germany, Japan, Sweden.

MAGPIE Music Dance Company tours (from 1995 -2005) in England, Belgium, Germany, USA, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, France, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Budapest, Hungary Korea, China.

Independent teaching: (1973-2000) Composition, Improvisation and technique studies. Private studios, companies, schools and dance centers in Europe, the USA, Japan, Africa, Scandinavia, Korea, Great Britain, China, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico and several other countries.

(1986-91) Dartington College of Arts, senior lecturer for the theater Department, head of choreography studies. Honors degree program for theater and Cultural Studies (1985-1991). AHK Hooge school voor de Kunsten, University of Amsterdam contract teacher for School for New Dance Development – SNDO: (1991- 2017 retired).

Independent project work: Initiated Company Groupo (compositions for performances), summer course Florence (1980-85), the Frascati Improvisation festival Amsterdam (1994-99), improvisation series for the Fijnhout theater Amsterdam, Muiderpoort theater Amsterdam. Melkweg theater, OT301 Cultural center (1992-2005), PIA (Production Company for independent artists (1998-2005), MAGPIE Music Dance Company (1995-2005), apprentice program Stichting MAGPIE, improvisation summer course Amsterdam (2009-currrent), Orgelpark concert church organ hall performance/workshop series (2007-2016).

Published: (articles magazines) Contact Quarterly-interview (USA), Independent dance (GB), New Dance (GB), Dance and theater (GB), Performance (GB), Notes (Ned) (articles books) Nouvelles de Danse la (Belgium), Body, Space, Image (GB), Nouvelles de Dance, on the edge (Belgium).

Awards: From art councils in England, Italy, Germany, USA and the Netherlands for independent touring projects and for project subsidy. Commissions for Choreography: Extemporary Dance Company (GB), Midlands Dance Company (GB), Modern dance Company Plymouth (GB), Dance Umbrella (GB), Improvisation Companies (GB, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands) Lady Komedie (Ned), Frascati Theater (Ned), Klapstuk (Belg). MAGPIE – (Ned) Fingers in the Pie 2002-3 Pi Pied 2003-4 BLINK -2004-5

Independent Choreography: (1997-99) Crisis, Macha, Law, Solo, Betrayal, Hero, In the Strictest Confidence. In Companies: Groupo (1979-85) – Rutles, The Orange Man, Wild Card, Mind the Gap, Brown eye Green eye. Ex-temporary Dance Company (1984)- On the Bread line. Plymoth modern dance company (1985)- Bird Piece. Dance Umbrella- (1984) Reckless. Frascati Theater- (Five year commission – 1994-99) Improvisation Festival. Klapstuk- (1992) Improvisation event – (1995) MAGPIE improvisation music/dance events – (2008 -2014) Crime and Casualty series – Love ship, Serial killer, Drug crimes, Jim Jones, Manson, Paranoia, Traces of casualty.

Independent Research: Dance and Aesthetics (gender) composition (20th century, scores and graphs for music and dance), Dance History, Dance and feminism, Critical languages for performance and its practice, Composition studies / structure and form / improvisation, internet communications, course design for Under graduate and graduate courses, Alexander Technique, Brain studies, Developmental brain.

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