Law – text used for the piece Law in 1992-3  – a peice for dancers and one musician

God, God, clear in it’s divide of good and evil, man and woman, brown rice and angel delight. It is vain to say that any man or woman alive has any true since of happiness. By voicing our afflictions on others we take pleasure in the manner of exit; death

Law has a wide range of sorrows, not only one. Therefore, melting away all tears like water welling on a rock, eat humble pie and grovel on your knees to the law.

I accuse, convict and sentence to death – Decease – Virus- Bacteria – Independent of the mind – Independent of god – Independent of fashion – Independent of Howard Hughes
Independent of Tom Cruise

I will now storm the heavens: Give me the raging thunder bolt to gas and overwhelm with fire. Cram thick this hollow law. Gather the thunderbolts but take a watchers post. Is the devil hollowed?

Past quarrels find no peace. Meek minds demand small powers. Crawl out, do you heed to the heart? Hold tight, grip and masturbate. The gods speak of one truth. Oh, hilarious magic! Tightened muscles, skillful tools. What pride, sharp and fixed. Is this another game of meaningless marks? Order demands respect for the rules. The chance is this law puts out on satellite but fails to fondle forgotten vines. Hear the mighty and fearful message the gods whisper in the roar of my Walkman. Oh, ridiculous, empty fool.

People commit robbery, violence, pillage and perjury in all seasons but
seldom at different times. We shall do unto them according to what the law seeks to render guilty. Stay far from fraud and remain uptight. Beware of these festivals, parties and nostalgic celebrations. You organize a Tupperware party to cast down the unfortunate. I can not take responsibility for those who despoil others. Look at television for what it can do not for what it can not. What we would like to represent is the most important amendment, which seeks to define that equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged on account of race, class, sex or any other form of discrimination. But these amendments seem to have failed in society due to an organizational weakness of apposing groups and the organizational nose jobs of the others. Knowledge should provoke true belief and should be held as valuable. How else can we tell the difference between justification and lucky guess? Good timing? Nature? Menopause?

In all pubic matters, public and private, people must be treated as equal. However, there are cases when there is sufficient reason for treating individuals, groups and artists differently. People should be treated as morally exhausted because, despite conceptual muddle on my heart, equality of rights has been negatively of great value in society by placing the onus of justification clearly on the opponent.

Your honor, The state of the economy is that for every good and service, an equal supply and demand must be respected in order to cause equilibrium. But this is a hypothetical state which only those connected to the inter net can actually experience. Though we may appear to be heading toward equilibrium, the most popular behavior is that of competition. People are denied their basic common rights because of the behavior of that economy. What does behavior have to do with the economy? What does economy have to do with the law? Is it the law?