Storm Pagosa …

Storm – solo material 2000

Everyone hears a dog bark, a baby cry, a machine starting up in the distance.
This storm, this hard storm, this place full of lightning crashes to silence

What can the power so tempting be
To take the heart away from me?
With tied ropes around the vessels dragged
The warmth of lungs held and gagged

Silence will take time
Spent time, lovers dying
Pleasure death, daily lying
Low mark on love
No points on love
Did not graduate
No degree for trying
The heart waiting is a science
The lazy pulse beats to silence


Take a pickle from a jug just because it’s there
Mix the body blood and sweat just because you care
Chew the space, step in time, bounded but aware
Changing patterns broken paths when heat is in the air
High hopes have heavy eyes held tight in a drunken stare
The body pickled packed and peeled will soon be in despair
Broken mental lines of shattered lust will need repair
The pickle leaves a sour taste and dirty underwear

Lady Hip

That Cinderella pillow powdered nose
That senoirina high up on her toes
That Jacqueline pill box curly pubic
Modern muscle erect aerobic
Lovely lacy perfect fit
Flirty fluffy perky tit
That backward motion modern fun
The Cinderella dream is done
That day we had a drink and cried
The tear for male and female pride

Pagosa girl

Any woman left in a box
Improvised birth of human fox
Frozen fridge she waits expanding
Takes a parent like superman’s landing
Race, crash, divorce, second wind
The man’s in charge, American friend
Returns the girl in shinning gear
Lost the thought she befriends fear
Waited for god to help her see
Lost, scared, financially free
Too much time, too much space
To sit and ponder the human race
The global goddess lost and found
Holds her story deep in the ground
The ground is speaking back in tongues
And she can read it with her lungs
Screaming, yelling sudden blasts
Cause and effect read lightning fast
Her soul is coded in knowledge sleeping
Her ears are filled with animal weeping
My sister friend your story shows
Why monks sit long and watch things grow
Why the human spirit has been so still
Why men keep records of what they kill
Actual, real chaotic earth
Voice to your perfect female birth