Story 1994 – a piece with musicians

The tree was swinging, swinging.
I was just singing, singing.
My love. I love you.
I looked up and saw the castle.
It was big with a river around it.
I walked and walked, until I got to the castle.
I screamed on the top of the tower and saw you at the bottom.

You were wearing a red shirt.
It said on it ——- “big tits”

I hissed and twisted my ankle.
I took a sip of my drink.
I sang once more, read the shirt and swung on the trees.
I saw you come up the tower.
I looked out on the meadows.

What a dear day.

Four birds in the sky.

My bum hurts from the stairs I walked.
I wait, but you don’t come.
I wait and wait for you. But you don’t arrive.
I shout your name,
I make signals across the meadow.
I am scared, paralyzed and wreaked.
I can’t breath. I sit and wait more.
I start walking down the stairs. I run faster and faster, I run and run.
I still don’t find you. Where are you.
I shout again and again.
I look around the garden. The flowers are budding. It is spring.
I sit on the ledge of the flower bed.
I shout again your name. I start walking all over the meadow.
I only here an airplane come by.
I lie on the grass.

What a beautiful day.

The smells of grass and flowers.

I love today. I hear something. It is a horse coming closer and closer. It is you. I sit and watch you on your horse galloping across the meadow. I think of my last meal I had. I am hungry.
Maybe you will take me to a restaurant on your horse.
I shout , I say it and you come . I smile at you, you smile at me. We touch. I jump on the horse.

Me: are you ok, I have been looking for you everywhere”.

You: I had to try and ride this horse. It took a very long time to get it to ride me: “ Will you take me to a restaurant ,I am hungry.”

You:” Yes, we will go slow.”

We are galopping. I am watching the county side . I love the smells of wood. The sound of the horse. Me: “what a day”.

You: “ what a day.”

There is the restaurant. It is a small village inn. We stop and look for a place for the horse. I walk in and take a look around. What a place. There are people munching on sandwiches, drinking beer. I sit down and wait for you. I look out side and of the last time I was in the country-side. The time with my boy friend. He was holding my hand. I was sitting on a log peeling bits of bark off. I felt so free , I smelled so good. My hair was washed and I hung nicely on me shoulders.

I knew I looked good. It was a nice feeling. I felt every moment of my boyfriends touch and his sweet smelling oder. He was leaning on me gently and humming a tune that sounded like. You got me girl, from everything but the girl.

He was ticking his hand on my shoulder. It brought me in to a trance. I closed my mouth . I rubbed my finger on his , because it had a bit of ink on it. I rubbed it off. My head on his chest. I still like his smell., his oder.

I look away from the window. The food. There you have all the food. We ate. It was pumpkin soup and chocolate truffels for desert. I ate it very slowly. You had to sit and watch me finish. At least you had a drink to sip on. You started to ask me if I liked it and then, complained about the people and the weather. .you didn’t like the attitude and burgoise mentality. You are sick of being the only person who is not.

I am sitting and watching your mouth twist and turn, up and down. I put my hands on the table and look at them . See of they are the right shape. I move them . You keep talking. I look up at the ceiling. I see a hole going up to the sky. I can see clouds go by.