Wanna hold the heart and wait

Wanna hold the heart and wait – 1997 solo

Wanna hold the heart and wait
Wanna wait but not be late
Wanna have a love inside the soul
But can not find the way to hold
On to you or on to me
The heart is full but the soul is free
I wish I had a lot of money
For every time I loved you
Then I could give you anything
And you would love
Wanna have another day
Just to be alone and say
Nothing to anyone around
Nothing is fine when you have found
The soul of love
The soul of love
The soul of love
Is beating
I am bleeding aging dinosaur eggs
The ice age was in my body
So I will let the liquid melt inside
So the ice age moment can not hide
From man or woman beast or bird
The dinosour egg is a big one to melt
It keeps falling down with my back like a belt
Held tight around the muscles and joints
I know now why the children look at the witch and point
She is vile she is mean she is even not clean
Needs to hide and be quiet mixing magic liquid soup
Eating bread that is too old, hearing stories already told
Hearing lies and thinking truth she is the lady we become