Author: Katie

  • August and September in Amsterdam

    August and September in Amsterdam

    Multidisciplinary Workshops Body work, Multidisciplinary composition disciplines and practises towards improvisation sessions. For musicians, actors, dancers, singers and poets. August 28 Sunday (2 places open) September 25 Sunday (places open) 11:00-18:00 / 70€ Body Body Body Classes How and why we learn to walk, Baby studies; “Body is the teacher that taught us to move – Dance is fancy walking”.  […]

  • October to December 2021 continuing BODY BODY BODY classes

    October to December 2021 continuing BODY BODY BODY classes

    Attic Studio Wilhelminastraat 139-3, 1054WC Amsterdam. 16:00-18:00 Wednesday and Friday. Live classes limited to 6 people. Registration in advance: (classes will continue in 2022)

  • Attic Studio: Performances

    Attic Studio: Performances

    A platform for performance artists to celebrate multidisciplinary, to experiment and gather in diverse collectives 2021 October 24, November 7, 12 and 14, December 2022 19 January 16 and 23 Wilhelminastraat 139-3 ring the top bell Door open 19:00 performance begins 19:30 10 EUR towards the artists. 15 max per night. Information about each performance […]

  • Mary Oliver February 4 and 25 Workshop Tuesday workshops OT301

    Improvisation and Instant Composition The aim of this workshop is to develop conscious presence while improvising in a performance. Each session begins with exercises that explore relationships between thought, movement and presence in the immediate environment. By promoting a greater awareness of sensory input, the performer becomes better equipped to interact with their internal and […]

  • BODY BODY BODY Classes

    Classes offered periodically through out the year in the Attic Studio Amsterdam on Wednesdays and Fridays at 16:00 to 18:00. Open to all bodies. Register in advance only: In this class I will cover materials I have researched about “why” we learn to walk and “why” we forget to continue learning to walk. In […]