Body Body Body Classes

My creative world combines theatre, music and dance. The body is the glue that brings these time arts together. We are reminded to be curious about simple actions, like the eyes and ears as a basic part of our physicality, in the differences of how we look, watch, see, hear or listen. How dance, music and theatre are actually fancy walking, talking and listening.

When we were toddlers, it was the first thing we remembered as we woke in the morning glee full and proud that we learned to step out of our beds. The body was our teacher. We took detours daily in order to re-discover we have a body.

The aim of my classes is to rekindle a curiosity for what motivates us to move, and question why we choose to go one direction or another in any given creative situation.

We will begin the work with tasks on the floor that wake up our respect and awareness of simple actions, with studies that integrate sensory perception, balance, spacial orientation and land in improvisation sessions.

“Is the wall coming towards us or are we are going towards the wall? Our agility with spacial orientation is a gift. The chemical rush we receive to the brain enhances our perception to be creative”; “Body Body Body”.