Brazen Delinquents 

Three fractured (un)female deities who scavenge the ethereal debris of a world at war with itself. 

A visceral lyrical exploration of the fictional space between wounds. A sublime transfiguration of ferociously fumbling entities that long to be enlightened in the nearness of the other. 

Brazen Delinquents is a text driven performance where the players execute the lighting, sound and movement in real time.

This piece is self sufficient in its mode of production. 

It travels with its own equipment and only needs plugs. 

All the artists involved share the responsibility for performing and operating tech.

The way of approaching each location and its atmosphere offers a possibility to view this work as a quirky experiment between theatre and performance/installation.


Erik van de Wijdeven: live text, movement, light operation, light design + light object construction 

Katie Duck: live text, movement, sound design and operation 

Maria Mavridou: movement (assistance to light operation + other undisciplined interferences with voice and words