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  • Review Martina Del Grosso Italy Dec 2019

    Katie Duck e il senso (amaro) della vita: a Spam! la regina dell’improvvisazione Grande performance per uno degli eventi più attesi della rassegna ‘Tempi di reazione’ di Martina Del Grosso – 11 Dicembre 2019 – 9:08 Grande successo a Tempi di reazione per Katie Duck: la regina dell’improvvisazione ha permesso di riflettere sui limiti del nostro tempo con la percussionista Maria […]

  • Reviews MAGPIE

    REVIEWS MAGPIE A Pandora’s box of energies Capital Times From the Netherlands, MAGPIE Music Dance Company provided a rare and fantastic chance to share an evening with four magnificent talents. A Pandora’s box of energies and specifics with the most satisfying attention to the smallest moment in space and every movement considered, articulated and made […]

  • Reviews 1990’s to 2004

    Reviews Katie Duck: ‘Duck’s sturdy purposefulness makes even her most arbitrary actions seem part of a life-and-death odyssey’ Judith Mackrell (England) 1980’s ‘Katie Duck, with her magnetic presence, draws all the attention on her dancing and performance. All eyes are fixed on her as she emanates a halo that provokes the vibration of the public’ […]

  • Review Vancouver Lucas Lund

    Review Vancouver Lucas Lund

  • FEATURE | KATIE DUCK & BEN BROWN TITLE Vancouver Words by Brit Bachmann

    “I do not have a career in 2018. I have a rumour that the internet, by the ‘90s, made more accessible.” This is Katie Duck, an improvisational dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Amsterdam. Her rumour,? as she puts it, spans 40 years. Though originally from the Los Angeles area, Katie “realized that [she] was […]