Ellen Knops and Mary Oliver November 2 to 6  2020

Open to musicians and dancers.

11:00-14:00 Mon Tues. Thurs. and Fri. / 10:00-13:00  Wed.

125€ for five days / 25€ for one day. Limited to 11 people. Bookings priority to anyone doing all five days. Register in advance ONLY: 



The aim of this workshop is to develop conscious presence while improvising with movement, music and light in a performance.

Each workshop begins with exercises that explore relationships between thought, movement and presence in the immediate environment. By promoting a greater awareness of sensory input, the performer becomes better equipped to interact with their internal and external impulses.

We look at the lights the same way we look at movement and music.


We will work on how light is affecting the time, tension and atmosphere in the playing space and to discover an interactive relationship with the one behind the light board.

As the person behind the light board, there is an obvious visual position you have that is located equally to the public view in a playing space. It is from this position you make choices.

In the workshop, we want to do short improvisation sessions, allowing everybody to be in the piece, out viewing or working behind the light board. The question we will address is; how does light influence real time performance?

The workshop continues with examples of both fixed and open structures in which the participants improvise with such elements as dance, music, text, and light. Through practice and theory, participants explore a process by which they collectively experience spontaneously created compositions.

OT301 Cultural Centre  studio 1, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW