Mohamad Mehdi Behrad

Mohamad Mehdi Behrad has been playing the NEY, an ancient Persian musical instrument that was played by shepherds in the forests of Iran, since he was ten years old. Later in life, while studying electronics at university, he took lessons from several NEY masters and became a NEY master himself. Through his studies he also became an electrical engineer and worked for an Iranian steel mill and a national oil refinery for 47 years. He believes that the NEY instrument should never be used for commercial purposes. This is the first time in about 70 years that he will perform his music in front of a large audience.

β€œThe soft voice of my NEY – like my voice – I use for love and peace for all beings in this world,”  his words.

The NEY is a wonderful Persian mystical musical instrument. Made from reeds that bloom in water, this enigmatic instrument holds secrets of transformation and awakening.

The reed tied to flames symbolizes the burning of our destructive ego, which leads to a deep purification of the mind and soul and leads to unlimited healing.

This Persian mysticism connects us to cosmic harmony and the essence of our being.

The NEY and the lotus have a cosmic bond, interwoven by the four elements (wind, fire, water and earth) that influence human consciousness.

When an empty reed is played, it resonates with the hidden melody of the soul and provides a sacred connection to love and supreme consciousness

The hollowness of the NEY provides space for the human breath to bring sound to life. The instrument becomes the narrator of deep emotions – stories of pain, joy, sorrow and jubilation, all woven into its haunting notes.

Free from the limitations of the ego, the NEY frees the mind and becomes the most human of all musical instruments. As the wise Persians say, the sound comes from one heart and touches another.

The etheric vibration of the NEY creates the turbulent currents of the mind, allowing a deep connection with the cosmic intellect and arousing intense, transformative emotions. In this experience we embrace inner peace, a path to deep self-awareness and wisdom.

Master Rumi’s immortal words encourage us to pay attention to the NEY, which tells stories of the pain of alienation, a medicine and companion like no other. Our soul does not become invisible through the rust of life’s trials.