Summer Course Details 2014

Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi – Artistic Directors.
Miri Lee – Adviser to the Artistic Directors, Organisation.

Katie and Alfredo will be teaching 20 hours per week Monday to friday 14:00-18:00. They are responsible for the individual development of all the artists on the course, the scheduling of the Freakatoni’s wild weekends and are available for tutorials on the Tuesdays evenings.

Miri Lee is responsible for your payments and receipts for payment. All financial (cash) transactions need to take place with Miri including cash fees for workshops with Katie and Alfredo, studio single rental and Michael fees for video registrations (Cash fees for open classes needs to given directly to the teachers involved). Miri is also responsible for the keys to the single studio and scheduling for the course group rehearsal spaces. Miri is available for general support through out the course.

Kagi-Jong kag Park will be creating small posters each week for the Freakatoni wild weekends to be handed in and around Amsterdam.He is also an electronic musician who will be joining us most of the workshop sessions and Freakatoni performances and a master film documentation maker.

Course group:
The course group is anyone who is doing the full five week course or has paid the €500 fee. The course group have access to the rehearsal space, pays €5 per open class (normal price is €5 per hour for anyone outside the course), can organize a set in one of the Freakatoni witchy weekend and receives a reduction price (€100) for the orgelpark workshop held the week directly after the summer course.(normal price is €150).

There are going to be more students who come day-to-day or week-to-week to attend Katie and Alfredo’s workshop and more students who attend the open classes. These students do not have the same access to rehearsal space, weekend performances and discounts as the course group.

Teaching material
Go to this link for information about Katie and Alfredo’s teaching and research material.

Movement classes:
Held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00-13:00 by Manuela Tessi, Miri Lee and Melvin Frank

Freakatoni’s witchy weekends
Held at the studio single, 2 sets each evening, begins at 20:00 with a set up time at 17:00. There are limited lighting options in the studio seven. Entrance fee is €3 (free for the course group). Katie and Alfredo schedule the Freakatoni’s wild weekends. Sets are led by the course group and local and visiting artists.

Katie will be doing promotion (social networking) for the Freakatoni witchy weekends. She will promote via her email list, facebook and tweeter. Please use your access to these networks and help her promote the weekends. Please send to Katie when you register your website or facebook links so I she can palce this on your name when you participate in the Freakatoni witchy weekends and to use as our archive material.

Tutorials are one to one or small group feedback sessions, discussions or practice sessions. Tutorials are held at the single space garden. Katie and Alfredo are available to schedule tutorials on Tuesdays evenings after their workshop.

Rehearsal space for the course group
Rehearsal space available for the course group in studio single:
Monday to Thursday 18:00-22:00 / Saturday 10:00-17:00/ Sunday 10:0-22:00

If a visiting artists wishes to do a project toward a performance it will be announced and rehearsal space will be scheduled for this purpose.

A schedule will be placed in the studio seven for the course team to coordinate with Miri.

Studio single Eerste Nassaustraat 7, 1052 BD, Amsterdam (second floor) / garden downstairs for meals
Katie’s flat Wilhelminastraat 139 hs (dinner parties)

The studio single has modest kitchen facilities, a generous shower room, toilet, very small dressing area and large studio You can keep food in the fridge in the kitchen area and use the dishes. We are responsible for keeping the areas clean. Cleaning is done on the Monday and Wednesdays after 18:00.

Miri, Katie and the course group will have one set of keys for the studio single. The course group needs to pass their keys to whom ever will need them for rehearsal. As well, the course group needs to pass their keys to people who will take the movement classes in the mornings. If no one in the course group plans to attend the morning class then we need to organize this with Miri. It is crucial that the course team pay attention to the schedule so that artists who need to open the studio single have keys. If there is a difficulty with keys you can call Miri or Katie. Storage is minimal in the studio single however it is possible to leave valuables int he studio as it is locked daily if not being used.

There is no smoking in the studio single (building). You can smoke in the garden but do not leave your cigarette butts on the garden floor. Please use ashtrays. Do not leave your dishes in the garden. Return dishes to the kitchen, clean them and put them away. Do not play loud music after 22:00 in the studio single (course group rehearsals and Freakatoni’s wild weekends). You cannot sleep in the studio single. Do not pass the studio single keys to anyone who is not in the course group.

Dinner parties:
Will be held on a few of the evenings at Katie’s flat. We appreciate that the cooks be from the course team and that you introduce us to your county’s cuisine. The summer course has a budget for the dinner parties.

Housing Amsterdam:
Katie receives sublet options for housing in Amsterdam from students who are attending dance departments in Amsterdam and leave for the summer. She begins to send to anyone who is registered for the five week course sublet options by May 2014. You can also google housing in Amsterdam and find several sites that provide sublets for the summer and hostels.

On Monday the first day of the course you need to arrive early (12:00)

Payments by bank transfers: Name – Stichting MAGPIE / Bank – ING Amsterdam / Bank number -9476524 / IBAN -NL22INGB0009476524 / BIC – INGBNL2A