OT301 Sunday Sessions Amsterdam OT301

Sunday sessions  was created in 2014 by a group of Amsterdam artists who were doing real time composition performances and needed a place to practice integrating diverse time arts under the conditions of improvisation.The sessions widened to a broader group of artists who are living in Amsterdam or are traveling through the city. 

The sessions are not workshops or jams. This is an improvisation situation that demands the dancer, actor, musician or singer to place their work with a composition integrity in consideration to a public. These sessions give an opportunity to widen your artistic palate and question the integration of multidisciplinary time arts and  real time composition.

Katie Duck sends an email reminder on the Tuesday of each week to everyone who is on the Sunday session mailing list. If you wish to receive an email reminder go to Katie (katie@katieduck.com) and ask to be placed on the mailing list. 

Participation is the sessions is €5 per person towards studio rent and administration. 

Overtoom 301 Amsterdam, OT301. ground floor, Studio 1, every Sunday at 16:00 to 18:00

Due to the corona pandemic people need to come to Katie once you have received your email announcement on the Tuesdays prior to the Sunday Session to let her know if you plan to attend. The max allowed in the studio 1 OT301 (since November restrictions) is 7. We will receive new news about the number limit later in November. You need to book your place in advance. If you are coming from abroad please be sure to have been in the Netherlands for 10 days prior to coming to the session. You will be asked to give us your name and phone number before entering the building. Please arrive 15 minutes before the session begins at 18:00. The street door tot he OT301 building is closed full time. For these events there is someone waiting at the door to let you in, take your name and phone number and will close the door once everyone on the list has arrived. If you are going to be late we will give you the phone number when you reserve you place to call so we can let you in. Each week we have a different person working the door so the number changes weekly. You are required to wear mask in the corridors as you enter the building and then you can remove once you are in Studio 1.

There may be other events on the Sundays at the OT301. In those cases the session will be cancelled. I will inform you each Tuesday if the session is taking place or is cancelled.

Participators should park their bikes outside the OT301 building and not in the front of the windows of our neighbours.

Dates 2020

October 6 to December 20 (Each Sunday in this period unless it is cancelled or there is a lock down)

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