Bodlabot OT301 Improvisation Workshop Series

This workshop series has been created in response to artists who have requested to have on-going classes based on the role improvisation plays in performance and/or composition studies in a multi disciplinary format. The workshop series is aimed towards all levels of musicians, dancers, actors, singers and performance artist. Workshops are 2 hours, held one time per week on Tuesdays evenings, over a period of two weeks with the same teacher. For each series, the teacher provides a title so that participants can choose the area of study that interests them.

An email announcement for each workshop in the series is sent to our Sunday Session list and placed on our social network by the teacher leading the up coming workshop. Participants need to go to the teacher by email (address listed on this site and on the social network events) to let her/him know if they are planning to attend a class and/or would like to register for one or both of the classes in that teacher’s workshop series.

Bodlabot studio (first floor) OT301 Overtoom 301, 1054 HW,  Amsterdam. Tuesday, 19:30-21:30

MIN 5 people in the class / Max 10 people per class  / one day €12 / two days €20 / cash on arrival.

If there are less than 5 people who have come to the teacher on email to the teacher,  the class will be cancelled. You need to go to the teacher by email to register so she/he knows how many people to expect.



January 9-16 Katie Duck  Register:

January 23-30 Tashi Iwaoka Register:

February 6-13  Katie Duck  Register:

February 20-27 Miri Lee  Register:

March 6-13 Kenzo Kusuda

March 20-27 Maria Mavridou   Register:

April 3-10 Manuela Tessi  Register:

April 17-24 Tashi Iwaoka Register:

May 1  Manuela Tessi  Register:

May 8-15-22 Maria Mavridou   Register:

June 5-12 Katie Duck  Register:

Break June 12 until September 4