Freakatoni witchy Sundays OT301 Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

Magpie Freakatoni witchy Sundays  at the OT301 Amsterdam held every last Sunday of the month. If you want to perform or play go to: Click the photo to find the list of artists playing on the up coming Sunday event. Up coming Freakatoni Witchy Sunday is on February 28. It will be curated by Miri Lee and Kage Jong Kag-Park while Alfredo Genovesi and Katie Duck are on tour. Go to Miri Lee if you wish to sign up to play a set:

OT301 AnaMorphic space (top floor) doors open 20:00. Performance begins 20:30. €5 entrance fee.

Freakatoni witchy Sundays are held on every other last Sunday of the month September, November, January, March, May. It is a on going performance project in Amsterdam. It was born out of the magpie improvisation summer course Amsterdam (2009-14) where Freakatoni witchy weekends are held on the Friday and Saturday evenings as part of the course activities with the participants and local or visiting artists.

The Freakatoni events are produced by MAGPIE as Improvisation music, dance and performances. Alfredo Genovesi felt it was valuable to continue the Freakatoni events outside of the summer course period in order to create a format for the students who attend the theatre school, conservatories and art schools in Amsterdam, could experiment outside of the pressures of schools. It also works as a vehicle for local and visiting artists to try things out under the low profile of the Freaktoni events environment.

The events are produced by Katie Duck and curated by Alfredo Genovesi. If you wish to perform or play (music) Go to Alfredo:

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