Archive Freakatoni Witchy Sunday 2013-14


 Freakatoni witchy Sunday OT301 Anamorphic studio Archive. Curated by Alfredo Genovesi unless announced else wise.


January 26

Set 1 10 minutes dance/performance: Katie Duck and Rakesh Sukesh  / music: Alfredo Genovesi : Acoustic guitar / 20 minuets vocals/dance: Vilbjorg Broch / music: Albert Manders (flute)

Set 2 30 minutes music: Kathy Ziegler: guitar. accordion, vocals / Lily Kiara: dance / Jong-kag Park (Kage) (electronics)

February 23 

Curated by Miri Lee and Kage Jong Kag-Park 

Set 1 25 minutes dance/performance: Manuela TessiMiri Lee  / music: Maria Vittoria Jedlowski (classical guitar, voice)

Set 2 20 minutes dance/performance: Sylvain Meret / music: Jongkag Park (electronics) / 15 min dance/performance: Gosia Malgorzatah Haduch / music: Arvind Ganga (electric guitar, effects)

March 30

Curated by Melvin Freank  

Set 1 30:00 minutes Performers:  Melvin FreankTom van WeeMats van RossumThomas WalschotYouri PetersMatthijs Khulemaijer / Music: FUTURISTIC MACHINERY,  Alfredo Genovesi, Bernt Nellen

Set 2 45:00 min Performers: Tom van WeeMats van RossumThomas Walschot / Music: FUTURISTIC MACHINERY

April 27

Set 1 30 min music- Alfredo Genovesi and Andy Keep and Alfredo extras

Set 2 30 min performance/dance –  Melvin FraenkAleskszandr Szivkov / music – Alfredo Genovesi and Andy Keep



May 25

This time Freakatoni will primarily be a music gig – but how nice to dedicate the event toward the music angle without dance or movement but rather music & performance? There is plenty to investigate around the performance chops of musicians in this community.”

Set 1 15 minutes – Jong-kag Park electronics / 20 minutes –  Alfredo Genovesi Guitar /electronics and Josephine Bode Recorder/electronics

Set 2 30 minutes Harald Austbø cello /voice

June 29 
Set 1 30 minutes / Dance/performance: Charlie Morrissey / Music: Alfredo Genovesi

Set 2  30 minutes /  Dance/performance: Francesco BarbaRaoul Germano / Music: Harald Austbo cello



September 24

Set 1 10 minutes Performance: Ida Katinka Fridan PedersenSigred StigsdatterMarios Pavlos Ktorides / music: (Kage) Jong-kag Park (electronics), Mc Mustaj (rapper) 10 minutes performance: Maria NeisetiAlekszandr Szivkov /  music: Cecylia  Fenrych (violin), (Kage) Jong-kag Park (electronics)

Set 2 30 minutes performance: Alekszandr Szivkov. Chandana Sarma / music: Alfredo Genovesi (artistic director music + electric guitar and electronics), Cecylia  Fenrych (violin), Kim jose bod(recorders)

October 27 

Futuristic Machinery ft /  curated by Melvin Fraenk presenta Nabulae
Set 1 30 minutes dance/performance: Katie Duck , Melvin Fraenk  / music: Alfredo Genovesi (electric guitar and electronics), Bernt Nellen (drums)
Set 2 30 minutes dance/performance: Mats van RossumTom van WeeThomas WalschotMelvin Fraenk / music: Futurustic Machinery = Mats van RossumTom van WeeThomas Walschot (laptops)
November 24

Set 1 10 minutes dance/performance: Samuel Feistmanti & Anni Kaila / music: Pat Cleaver (double bass) and Laura Polence (vocals) 10 Minutes dance/performance: Moreno Perna / music: Marie Guilleray (vocals), Laura Polence (vocals), Pat Cleaver (double bass) 10 minutes music: Marie Guilleray (vocals), Wen Chin Fu (cello), Laura Polence (vocals) & Pat Cleaver (double bass).

Set 2 30 minute dance/performance: Kenzo Kusuda / music: Marie Guilleray (vocals) & Wen Chin Fu (cello)