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  • FEATURE | KATIE DUCK & BEN BROWN TITLE Vancouver Words by Brit Bachmann

    “I do not have a career in 2018. I have a rumour that the internet, by the ‘90s, made more accessible.” This is Katie Duck, an improvisational dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Amsterdam. Her rumour,? as she puts it, spans 40 years. Though originally from the Los Angeles area, Katie “realized that [she] was […]

  • Debate after the Improjunction festival Pushkar India March 2014 / CI and ramifications of the word “Jam”

      Karthik Raj So inspired after the Goa contact festival and now Improjunction (Pushkar)! Need to create a space for Improvisation and exploration in Bangalore. All you dancers/musicians/actors/artists in Bangalore, lets find a way to come together and not be stuck in our usual patterns. I’m trying to figure out a way for us to meet […]

  • Archive Freakatoni Witchy Sunday 2013-14

     Freakatoni witchy Sunday OT301 Anamorphic studio Archive. Curated by Alfredo Genovesi unless announced else wise. 2014 January 26 Set 1 10 minutes dance/performance: Katie Duck and Rakesh Sukesh  / music: Alfredo Genovesi : Acoustic guitar / 20 minuets vocals/dance: Vilbjorg Broch / music: Albert Manders (flute) Set 2 30 minutes music: Kathy Ziegler: guitar. accordion, vocals / Lily Kiara: dance / Jong-kag Park (Kage) (electronics) February […]