Agenda 2008-2023



January 12 – 18 Melt – Trust and MAGPIE BIMHUIS / Wonderland OT301 / Workshop / lecture demonstration BIMHUIS / Trust – MAGPIE OT301 / Trust-MAGPIE OT301 + Final night DJ – Karaoke Party

February 4-6 workshop in Yokohama, Japan – KYUNASAKA studio

February 9-11 workshop in Utsunomiya, Japan – Beoff

March – June SNDO

March 3 Matching Monday Bim Huis

April 13 Wonderland OT301

April 17 MAGPIE OT301

May 15-24 Seoul, Korea May 15-24 – Young choreographers workshop

May 27 Amsterdam – Orglepark performance – MAGPIE keyboard Melt


July 9- 13 Amsterdam – Katie Duck workshop Studio 7

August 25-29 Amsterdam collective workshop

September Amsterdam sndo tutor + stage coordinator

September 15 to October 17 Amsterdam MTD improvisation classes

October 2-5 Poland

October 6-11 Amsterdam tutor + stage coordinator

October 12 Mad Sunday Muiderpoort Theater

October 20-24 Denmark Danish National School of Dance

November 3-7 Bilboa Spain

November 8-18 Tutor stage coordinator sndo

November 19-21 New York movement research workshop

November 22-30 Colorado

December 1-6 workshops San Diego

December 20 Nijmegen jazz venue

December 21-23 Liverpool England

December 27-31 Amsterdam workshop


January 16-17-18 Madrid, Spain Estudio3

January 26 to February 7 Salzburg, Austria SEADS

February – SNDO Tutor + stage coordinator

February 20 zaal 100 Amsterdam

March 30 workshop Movement Research New York

April 3-4-5 workshop San Diego

April 18-19 workshop Seattle

April 27-28 Seoul, Korea – workshop Trust Dance Company studio

April 30 to May 2 performance duck projects – “Love ship” – Seoul Korea –  Seongnam International Dance Festival –

May 3 to end of June Amsterdam SNDO tutor + stage coordination

May 17 “Love Ship” – Duck Projects performance Muiderpoort theater Amsterdam

June-August MAGPIE Umbrella summer apprentice + workshops

August – China living dance studios + University of Beijing

August – Orgelpark workshop performance project Amsterdam

June -August director MAGPIE Umbrella summer improvisation course and workshops

July 20-29 NYU workshop in Amsterdam

August 17-22 Beijing, China

September to October SNDO Tutor+stage coordinator / MTD improvisation classes third year

October 23, 24, 25 Workshop estudio 3 Madrid Spain

October 27 – 28 Workshop + performance Manchester England

November 9-13 Copenhagen, Denmark Skolen for Moderne Dans

November 16-20 “L- Mono” festival Bilbao, Spain

December 28-31 Amsterdam Christmas Holiday workshop studio seven


January – February – SNDO Tutor stage coordinator

January 2 – Badhuis Amsterdam Duck Projects 

January 7 OT301 Amsterdam performance –Duck Projects + Julyen Hamilton

February 10 Amsterdam one day session with Music/Dance Arnhem (Artez) masters students

February 25 Duck Projects OT301 Amsterdam

March 5 Duck Projects zaal 100 Amsterdam

April 3-4 workshops Manchester

April 10-11 workshop Devon England

April  12-17 workshop + performance Berlin Schwelle 7 

April 23-May 2 Seoul, Korea,  10th Seoul International Dance Festival

May 7-10 workshop Milan, Italy Talka – performance May 8

June 6 Milan Italy – Duck Projects Talka 

June 11, 12 and 13 Workshop Utrecht improvisation center

June 21-August 21 summer workshop series Amsterdam

July 2-3 performance Duck Projects studio seven Amsterdam

July 5-9 workshop Amsterdam summer workshop series

August 23-27 collective workshop Orgelpark  with Jos van de Kooy Amsterdam

August 26 Performance Duck Projects Orgelpark with Jos van de Kooy Amsterdam

September Amsterdam SNDO tutor – stage coordinator Amsterdam

September 16 Amsterdam Bim Huis Matching mondays

September 24 Amsterdam Duck Projects Kidnap Zaal 100

October 1-11 Iceland  NORDPLUS Explorations in Music and Dance /EMD Network Improvisation Intensive Course Kedja Festival

October 11-15 Copenhagen, Denmark Skolen for Moderne Dans

October 30-31 Florence, Italy Company blu workshops


January 14, 15, 16 Utrecht, the Netherlands

workshop Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi

register –

January 20 Thursday OT301 Amsterdam

Dance: Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton

Music: Alfredo Genovesi (electric guitar and electronics) Lights:Makiko Ito

February 18 Friday 21:00 Duck Projects Zaal 100 Amsterdam Crimes and Rock Casualty’s

March 28 to 22 Amsterdam Modern Dance department third year

July 18 to August 20 improvisation summer course amsterdam

August 22 to 26 Collective workshop Orgelpark with Jos van de Kooy Amsterdam

September 18 and 19 workshop and performance  Koln, Germany – Michael Douglas Kollektiv  with Katie Duck Music Alfredo Genovesi

October 17 to 19 workshop, 20 and 21 performances –  Warsaw, Poland New Dance, Improvisation, SIC! Dance/ Melvin Fraenk, Vincent Cacalano,  Martin Sonderkamp, Katie Duck Music/ Alfredo Genovesi

October 24 to November 4 workshop SNDO Theater school Amsterdam Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi

October 29 and 30 Symposium “Into the Void”at the  the Danish School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance Copenhagen, Denmark

November 16 Wednesday MAGPIE OT301 Amsterdam

November 17, 18, 19 Poland project with Malgorzata Haduch

December 5 performance MAGPIE and Trust dance company from Seoul, Korea Bim Monday Match  Amsterdam- Katie Duck Music Alfredo Genovesi Trust dance company – Dance: Jae Young Park , Myung Gyu Song, Sun Jin  Gu,  Jai Un  Lee , Dong Hee Kim, Yun Gyu Kim Music: Jung Hoon Lee  (madugeum),  Eun Yong Shim (geomungo) (artistic director) Kim Yun-gyu

December 4-11 Trust dance company from Seoul, Korea in Amsterdam


January 13,14,15 workshop Dansimprovisatie Utrecht, Holland Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi.

January 19 Thursday OT301 Amsterdam Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi (guitar and electronics)

January 27 and 28 workshop Glasgow, Scotland Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi

February 2 Thursday  OT301 Amsterdam.  Katie Duck (performance)Kenzo Kusuda (performance) and “Whale Oil” (music)  Alfredo Genovesi(guitar and electronics). Gerri Jaeger (drums), Viljam Nybacka (bass)

February 13 to 17 workshop MTD Theater school Amsterdam Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi

April 2-26 MAGPIE Asia tour (Korea and Japan)

June 25, 26, 27 workshop June 27 symposium Katie and Alfredo Northampton

July 19 to August 20 MAGPIE improvisation summer courseAmsterdam

August 20 to 24 Collective workshop orgelpark with Jos van de Kooy Amsterdam

August 23 Thursday performance Orgelpark Amsterdam with Jos van de Kooy

August 30 Thursday performance OT301 Amsterdam 21:00 withKatie Duck (dance), Martin Sonderkamp (dance), Alfredo Genovesi(electric guitar and electronics),

September 17-October19 teaching SNDO

October 29 – November 3 workshop SNDO

October 4, 5, 6 Project with Stein Beisser Amsterdam

October 22-26 workshops Center for Contemporary Dance (ZZT) at the University for Music and Dance Cologne (HfMT Cologne)

October 28 Iris van Peppen and Katie Duck with Alfredo Genovesi(guitar and electronics) Utrecht Jong, Jonger, Jongst

November 17-21 work with theater company in Glasgow Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi.

November 23, 24, 25 In.Da.Work.S* presents: Improvisation workshop with (MAGPIE) Katie Duck (and Alfredo Genovesi. Friday 18:00 to 21:00, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 17:00. The workshop ends with an informal showing in the venue.

December 3-8 workshop Katie duck and Alfredo Genovesi (music dance module) Falmouth Cornwall, England


January, February, March Katie Duck and Alfrdo Genovesi Improvisation sessions on Thursdays 16.45 – 18.45 January 24, 31 February 7, 14, 21, 28 March 7, 14, 21, 28 at the health space OT301, Movement academy OT301.

January 24 performance Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi, Julyen Hamilton, Lisa Nelson OT301 Amsterdam

January 25, 26, 27 workshop Dansimprovisatie Utrecht, Holland Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi.

April 1-14 San Francisco workshop and performances Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi and Justin Morrison. Mexico workshop toward performance, San francisco performance sonic bodies with Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi and Justin Morrison.

May 6-June 27 teaching Theatre school SNDO Amsterdam

July 15 to August 17 Magpie Improvisation summer course Amsterdam

August 26 – 30 Orglepark workshop and Performance Amsterdam

September, October, November last Sunday of the month Freakatoni witchy sundays AnaMorphic studio OT301 Amsterdam

September 9-November 1 Teaching Theatre school Amsterdam MTD and SNDO

November 5-19 Brighton England workshop, Manchester workshop and conference, workshop Madrid estudio tres.

December 11 performance Katie DuckVincent Cacialano , Miri LeeMelvin Fraenk,  Manuela Lucia TessiJong Kag Park,  Alfredo Genovesi, Gerri Jäger OT301 Amsterdam


January to June last Sunday of the month Freakatoni witchy sundays 20:30 AnaMorphic studio OT301 Amsterdam

January to June Thursday sessions 16:45-18:45 movement academy studio OT301 Amsterdam

Jan 9-19 workshop Bel Horizonte, Brazil

January 23 OT301 performance Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi OT301 Amsterdam

January 24, 25, 26 workshop Utrecht – register at: Dansimprovisatie

February 10-14 workshop Duncan centre state conservatory for contemporary dance in Prague

February 18-March 4 project Puskar, India

March 6, 7, 8, 9 workshop Mumbai, India

May 3-4  workshop Sugar Space Salt Lake City, Utah

May 10-11 performance Katie Duck solo. Katie Duck with Yolanda Snaith UCSD San Diego, California

May 11 workshop UCSD San Diego, California

June 20-23 workshop and performance Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi  for FUSIONI Improv.festival Florence, Italy Company Blu

June 26 Performance Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi, Charlie Morrissey OT301 Amsterdam

June 28 Workshop Charlie Morrissey (produced by MAGPIE) Anamorphic studio OT301 Amsterdam

July 2-4 workshop Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi Brighton, England.

July 4 Performance Alfredo Genovesi, Katie Duck and Charlie Morrissey Brighton, England.

July 21 to August 16 MAGPIE improvisation summer course single studio Amsterdam

August 25-29 Orgelpark workshop and performance project Amsterdam

August 28 performance (Manson The murders) Orgelpark Amsterdam

September 11 and 18 / October 17 and 30 / November 28 / December 4, 11 Thursday sessions 

September 28 to October 7 Busan, South Korea workshop performance project “naked body naked dancing”.

October 20 to December 12 teaching (contract) SNDO and MTD theatre school Amsterdam

December 1 curator Monday Match Bim huis Amsterdam

December 27-28 Xmas workshop Anamorphic studio  OT301 Amsterdam


January 8 and 15 Thursday session Movement academy  OT301 Amsterdam.

January 14 Performance Julyen Hamilton and Katie Duck OT301 Amsterdam.

January 16 / March, April. May, June TBA Thursday sessions

January 26-30 workshop Gati studios New Delhi, India

February 2-4 workshop Dance and Dialogue, Mumbai, India Dance and Dialogue

February 9-13 workshop Art dance Therapist, Chennai, India

February 16-20 workshop toward performance Play practice studios,  Bangalore, India

March 5 performance Axis Art center  (Solo) “Traces of Casualty”, (group work) “Recital”.

March 2-7 Manchester University teaching

March 13, 14, 15 workshop / Michael Douglas Kollective Cologne, Germany

March 16-20 Intensive course SNDO Amsterdam

 March 19 and 26 Thursday session Movement academy  OT301 Amsterdam.

March 26-27 Auditions SNDO Amsterdam theatre school

April 2 and 9 Thursday session Movement academy  OT301 Amsterdam.

April 10, 11- 12 Workshop toward performance (April 12 Sunday) dansimprovisatie White box theater San Diego, USA

April 27-May 1 Rehearsal process San Diego

May 2 Performance project with Yolanda Snaith White box theater San Diego, California

May 4-9 Workshop Av. París s/n (esq. con Lisboa) Col. Altamira, Tijuana, B.C., México Tijuana, Mexico

May 16-17 workshop UCSD Sand Diego, California

May 21 and 28 Thursday session Movement academy  OT301 Amsterdam.

June 20 process towards performance Michael Douglas Kollective Cologne, Germany

July 8 Performance OT301 collaboration

July 20 to August 15 MAGPIE improvisation summer course

August 24-28 Orgelpark workshop/Performance project

August 28 Friday 20:15 Performance Orgelpark

September 9- November 27 Theater Amsterdam school MTD and SNDO Amsterdam.

December 26-27 Xmas workshop Katie Duck OT301 AmaMprphic studio Amsterdam


(every Thursday Katie is in Amsterdam she holds the Thursday sessions at the OT301)

January 7 Performance Julyen Hamilton and Katie Duck OT301 Amsterdam

January 14-23  Performances and Workshop Bel Horizonti, Brazil

February 1 Monday Match Mary Oliver (violin) Katie Duck Bim Huis

February 10 Performance  OT301  Duck&Snaith (girls at work) Amsterdam

February 12, 13, 14 Performances DOCK 11  Duck&Snaith (girls at work) Berlin, Germany

February 13, 14 Workshop Katie Duck DOCK 11 Berlin, Germany

February 17 Duck&Snaith (girls at work)  University Surrey, England

February 20 Workshop Dance center Brighton, England

March 19-25  Performance projects with Yolande Snaith San Diego, California

March 27 – April 2 Performance project Tijuana, Mexico

June 2 Workshop Katie Duck Cologne, Germany

June 3-5 Katie Duck Workshop Dans Fabrik Berlin

June 10 Performance Katie Duck Mary Oliver Art Of Improvisation Creative Festival, Agora Center of Culture in Warsaw, Poland.

June 11 Workshop Katie Duck Art Of Improvisation Creative Festival, Agora Center of Culture in Warsaw Poland.

July 18-August 13 Improvisation summer course 2016 Amsterdam

August 22-26 Orgelpark performance workshop project Amsterdam

September to November SNDO and MTD classes and workshops Theatre school Amsterdam

September 2-3 workshop Katie Duck Leitende Projektkoordinatorin Tanzplattform Rhein-Main Frankfurt

October 1-2 Saturday and Sunday Workshop towards performance Katie Duck Dans Imrpvisatsie Utrecht 

November 3 Performance Mary Oliver and Katie Duck OT301 Amsterdam

November 20-22 Tanzfestival Winterthur (Festival for Contemporary Dance) Workshop towards performance

December 29, 30, 31 Xmas workshop Katie Duck Movement Academy OT301 13:00-17:00


January 11 Performance Julyen Hamilton and Katie Duck OT301 Amsterdam

January 17-21 Workshop Improvisation Katie Duck Seoul, Korea

February 4-5 Saturday and Sunday workshop Katie DuckGrand Studio, 29 rue de Menin B-1080 Bruxelles, Brussels , Belgium

March 11-12 CAGE solo Katie Duck La FuNdizion Bilbao, Spain

April 7 Friday, Workshop Katie Duck  Dock 11 Berlin Germany.

April 6-7-8 Friday and Saturday, Performance with Katie Duck,  Sharon Smith and Emese Csornia Dock 11 Berlin Germany.

April 8, 9 Saturday and Sunday Workshop light/performance with Katie Duck and Emese Csornia Dock 11 Berlin Germany.

April 25-26 Ensenada Festival Mater class, Performance CAGE

April 27-May 2  Tijuana Festival workshop, Mexico

May 6 Performance CAGE Tijuana Cinema space

June 10-11 Berlin workshop Katie Duck details here

July 2 Sunday performance “CAGE” estudio tres summer Festival Madrid, Spain

July 3-7 Workshop Estudio 3 summer Festival Madrid, Spain

July 24 to August 20  Improvisation summer course Amsterdam 2017

September 9-10 Brussels Grand Studio workshop information TBA

September 17 to 24 workshop Hong Kong information TBA

October 30 to November 3 Workshop SNDO Amsterdam Theater School

November 14-24  Performance/research project Ljubljana (more info TBA)

November 7 and 28 Tuesdays Workshop Bodlabot OT301 19:30 to 21:30 register:

December Performance CAGE with Carla Behal Bilbao, Spain (dates TBA)

December 29, 30, 31  Xmas workshop Amsterdam OT301 Cultural Center Amsterdam 13:00-17:00 register:

Agenda 2018

Sunday sessions and Tuesday workshops held weekly at the OT30 Bodlabot studio Overtoom 301 Amsterdam, 18:30 to 20:30. Led by Katie Duck and Manuela Tessi.

January 9 and 16 Tuesday workshops Katie Duck Amsterdam OT301

January 17 Performance with Julyen Hamilton and Katie Duck  OT301 Cultural Center Amsterdam

February 6- 13 Workshop Tuesday workshops OT301

February 16, 17, 18 Workshop Berlin

March 3 and 4 Saturday and Sunday Abandon Human performance at  Dock 11 Berlin, Germany

April 21-22 Paris workshop and event Studio DTM – Danse Theater Musique 6 rue Folle Mericourt – 75011 Register:

May 5 Saturday Workshop Katie Duck Dansimprovisatsie Utrecht, The Netherlands

May 7 workshops and event Koln, Germany (more info TBA)

May 20 to 28 Argentina (more info TBA)

May 7 workshops and event Koln, Germany (more info TBA)

June 5-12 Katie Duck Tuesday workshop OT301

June 21 CAGE OT301 with Miri Lee, Manuela Tessi, Sylvain Meret (performance/dance), Mary Oliver (viola and violin), Ellen Knops (Lights)

June 26-30 workshop  L’association Mû. Ambert France

July 2-7 Workshop Danzlava Viotia, Spain

July 30 to August 18 Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam Register:

August 16 Performance “Abandon Human” by Katie Duck and Sharon Smith Freakatoni Witchy Weekend Festival Amsterdam OT301 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam

August 19 TIC TAC Space Brussels Performance “Abandon Human” by Katie Duck and Sharon Smith

September 22-30 Performances (Cage and Improvisations) and Workshops Vancouver, Canada

October 22-27 International Workshop Festival in Scotland workshop

October 29 to November 2 Workshop SNDO Amsterdam, the Netherlands

November 3-4 Workshop Paris, France

November 17-18 Workshop im Acker Stadt Palast Berlin, Germany

December 1-2  Workshop  TICTAC Art Center Brussels, Belgium

December 29, 30, 31 Xmas Workshop OT301 Register:

Agenda 2019

January 9 Wednesday Julyen Hamilton and Katie Duck Performance. Ellen Knops Lights. OT301 Amsterdam.

January 14-20  Workshop Bel Horizonti studio Duddude Hermam

January 29 Workshop Bodlabot studio OT301

February 5-12 Workshop Bodlabot studio OT301

March 2-3 Workshop Paris, France

March 16-17 Workshop Katie Duck Wainsgate Dance  (near Leesds), United Kingdom.

March 26 Workshop Bodlabot studio OT301

April 6-7 Workshop Estudio 3 Madrid, Spain

May 4-5 WorkshopKatie Duck  Improvisation/Composition Dock 11 Berlin Germany

May 3-4-5  Katie Duck and Sharon Smith – “Rock Casualty” – with live music (musicians TBA) and lights by Emese Csornai. Dock 11 Berlin, Germany.

May 13-19 Workshop towards Freakatoni Witchy Weekend performances. Rosarita, Mexico

June 15-16  Workshop, CAGE with Sylvain Meret Bordeaux, France

June 29-30 Workshop TIC TAC culture Centre Brussels

July 1-5 workshop and CAGE Victoria, Spain Altradanza (details TBA)

July 15-19 Workshop Chisenhale London, England

July 17-August 17 Improvisation summer Course Amsterdam. Registration begins in late Jan 2019

August 19-23 Workshop Paris, France Festival (more info TBA)

August  30 – September 1 Workshop Salzburg

September 10-17 Bodlabot Workshops Katie Duck BODY BODY BODY 19:30-21:30 OT301 Amsterdam

September 25-28 Conference – Workshop Barcelona, Spain

October 13-19 Text workshop and CAGE performance Slovenia. More information TBA

October 29 to November 1 Workshop SNDO

November 9-11 workshop Paris. More information

December 5 Performance Katie Duck and Maria Luisa Pizzighella Luca (SPAM) Itlay

December 7 Performance with Katie Duck, Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini Florence Italy

December 7-9 Workshops and performances Florence Italy Company Blu

December 29, 30, 31 Xmas workshop OT301 Amsterdam


January 7-10 Workshop Glasgow Scotland

January 14 Tuesday workshop series OT301 Bodlabot studio, Amsterdam

January 15 performance duet Katie Duck Julyen Hamilton OT301 Amsterdam

January 25-February 1 Workshop Katie Duck and Dudude Hermann. Belo Horizonti, Brazil

February 12 Performance  Zaal 100 Amsterdam Katie Duck

February 29-March 1 workshop Salzburg.

March 4 Performance CAGE with Nayana Bhat Salzburg

Cancelled Corona Lock down

March 17 and 31 Body Body Body workshops Bodlabot Tuesday series OT301 Amsterdam

April 8 performance Katie with Erik van de Wijdeven OT301 Amsterdam studio 1

April  10-11-12 Performance Project Katie Duck with Erik van de Wijdeven Dock 11 Berlin, Germany

April 11-12 Katie Duck Music Theatre Workshop Dock 11 register:

May 15 Performance Abandon Human Chisenhale dance space London, England info (TBA)

May 16 Workshop Katie Duck and Sharon Smith Chisenhale dance space London, England info (TBA)

May 23-24 Workshop Katie Duck Wainsgate Dance space Leeds. Englan

August 3-22 Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam 2020

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July and August every Wednesday BODY BODY BODY classes Attic Studio Katie Duck

June 18 online lecture with fellows for Artworks Athens, Greece

July 20 online lecture UCSD San Diego, California USA

August 17-21 Music Theatre Workshop OT301 Amsterdam


October 4-December 20 Sunday Sessions OT301

October 7 to December 18 BODY BODY BODY classes Attic Studio Amsterdam Katie Duck

October 26-30 Workshop SNDO Amsterdam live

November 23-27 Text workshop OT301 Amsterdam Katie Duck

Cancelled Corona Lock down

December Wednesday and Friday BODY BODY BODY classes Katie Duck 16:00-18:00 attic studio Amsterdam

December 29-30-31  Xmas music theatre workshop OT310 Katie Duck

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Attic Studio projects Amsterdam Katie Duck

Continuing from 2020 every Wednesday and Friday, BODY BODY BODY classes  16:00-18:00 attic studio Amsterdam and

Continuing from 2020 every last Sunday of the month, Multidisciplinary workshop 11:00-18:00

Continuing from 2020 with an open schedule one on one sessions.

June 26-27 and July 3-4 two weekend workshops Katie Duck first part Body Body Body second part Improvisation. 13:00-18:00 attic studio. Register:

Starting August 2021 Attic Studio Performances, two to thee Sunday evenings a week. Aug 8 Katie, Manuela and Thalia / Aug 22 Katie Vilbjorg / Sept 12 Herman / Oct 1 Tristan and Group / Oct 3 Tristan, Katie and Maria / Oct 24 Tiia,Thalia and Joua / Nov 7 Jonathan / Nov 12 Maria and Gosia / Nov 14 Johanne and Alba / Nov 28 Gabor and group.

Work outside the Attic Studio

June 20 Sunday Performance (Relief) Katie Duck, Maria Mavridou, and Jonathan Nagel. ReMo Amsterdam

October 25-30 Workshop SNDO Theatre School Amsterdam

Cancelled Corona Lock down December


January to May – Body Body Body Classes. tutorials and Last Sunday of the month workshops at the Attic Studio Amsterdam

March 24 – Performance at CC Amstel Amsterdam with Vincent Verburg and company.

May 25 to 29 – Workshop Clermont Ferrand France

June 11 to 12 – Workshop Canal Dance Paris France

July 2 Performance “Brazen Delinquents” Amsterdam

July 4 to 9 Workshop and Performance Danzlava Victoria Spain

July 31 – Workshop Attic Studio Amsterdam

August 28 – Workshop Attic Studio Amsterdam

August to September – Body Body Body Classes. tutorials and Last Sunday of the month workshops at the Attic Studio Amsterdam

September 19 to 23 Festival Poland

October (?) Wainsgate dance studio Charlie Morrissey England

October 24 to 28 – Workshop SNDO Amsterdam

November 5 and 6 – Workshop Canal Dance Paris, France


January 20-29 Greece workshops Athen Tanzterrain and Thessaloniki Transcendance

February 19 -26 Dance Academy Rome performance project

February 27- March 18 Attic Studio classes and tutorials

March 12 Performance with Julyen Hamilton Attic Studio Amsterdam

March 19-25 Dance Academy Rome performance project

April 1-30 Attic Studio classes, workshop and tutorials

Link to the work in April in the Attic Studio Amsterdam

May 3-10 Tanzterrain Athen, Greece Workshop

May 20 onCe Festival Festival, Freiburg, Germany Performance with Company Blu

June 4-26 Dance Academy Rome performance project and performances

July 3-28 Attic Studio classes and tutorials

August 2-5 France, Avec l’ association Danser l’ Espace Workshop

August 14-16 Summer Course Amsterdam

October 7 and 8 workshop Barn Studio Devon, England

October 14 performance :Abandon Human” Unoiversity Plymouth, England

October 17 and 18 workshop Plymouth University

October 29 Performance with Danzlava Victoria Basque

November 8-29 Body Body Body classes Attic Studio Amsterdam

December 6-13 Body Body Body classes Attic Studio Amsterdam

December 29, 30, 31 Xmas Workshop Attic Studio Amsterdam