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Text: Writing and Research

Sharon Smith (Gob Squad Berlin) about Improvisation

Interview with Marion Barrios-Solano 2008 – Is always In time – click


Author: Katie Duck – Publication: Contra Dance, France

“My research is motivated by culture shock, a curiosity to understand the nature of the body and an addiction to communicate to a gathered crowd.”

Groupo History 1979-85

MAGPIE History 1995-2005

Improvisation Festival Amsterdam 1994-99
Author: Katie Duck
Publication: Contact Quarterly 2000

“…if the devil is the powerful languages of aesthetics that run this industry or the production agendas where ticket sells take priority then there is no where to run and no where to hide.”

Improvisation Festival Amsterdam 1994-99
Author: Robert Steijn

“It was a clash of cultures and the public could witness that. The spectators could analyze the different approaches towards dance side by side in a single context.”

Interview: Proxmity Magazine, Australia

“I am interested in memorized patterns up to the point that the performer still makes choice within the design. There is a kind of ‘falling asleep at the wheel’ effect in structured improvisations where designs for dancers or musicians begin to work with the limit of time and duration.”

Interview: Tangent Magazine, Montreal, Canada

“My special interest in improvisation is that my esthetic is ‘chance’. It is what I love to see in a piece of work, it is what I find beautiful. The paradox here is that I do not want to communicate ‘choice’ as an esthetic. I want to communicate ‘chance’ as an esthetic. But, I can not have ‘chance’ without ‘choice’.”

Interview: Amsterdam Manifesto by Dance Artists
Also published in: Proximity Magazine, Australia – Vol 3, Ed 4

“The dancers look as if they have been trained in Cunningham’s technique and/or ballet in kind of ‘hired in’ teacher mimicry. Those who agree with the esthetic muse are happy and funded. Those who question it are marginalized. It does not encourage the dancer to dance.”

Improvisation Analysis 2: choice and chance
by Carolien Hermans, august 2002 Amsterdam


Dartington Time
Dr Larraine Nicholas Senior Lecturer Dance Programmes School of Arts Roehampton University / From her Book (dance history at Dartington College of Arts)

What is the point at this point?
A letter to all the improvisation festivals

I am from Oxnard.

The dance company that could
“Now into their second decade, the motion of MAGPIE may never stop.” by Mark Wedin

Why MAGPIE speaks a different language
by Sharon Smith

Interview: Work in the 70s

HIGH STAKES – Erk Aschengreen – Berlingske Tidende 18/1/02

A fair share of both prizes and blanks in Dansecenens Improvisations

Sharon Smith PHD thesis “Practicing presence”


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